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No Delivery of Training Material

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    I know I am not alone in this matter but can anyone tell me the proper recourse when a developer doesn’t meet their commitments.  We ordered material in 2011 – received the material but it was very poor quality and was not accredited, we were then promised remedial work which took forever to receive and assured that this time it would be accredited – I insisted that should it not be accredited we would receive our money back, this was agreed to.  Again the material was not accredited and a list of remediation was requested, the material developer said they now had a new team and the work would be returned within 21 days.  on the 21st day I contacted the developer to be told the material would be with us the following day.  This is now 2 weeks after the 21 days and we are still no closer to this material being delivered.

    The developer insisted on full payment before releasing the material to us.

    What recourse do we have can we report them to the SETA – SAQA, there must be some way we can get our money back as this could drag on another year.

    I have no doubt we are not the only company receiving this bad service from the developer – however as we can’t mention their name this will continue.  

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    Hi Tracey

    This unfortunately is a huge problem in the industry.  I was also taken for a ride but never received all the material promised.  The developer is still out there doing the same thing to others!  I have been to lawyers and they have sent letter of demands and still nothing.  Our only option now is to take further legal action by attaching assetts to try and recover costs.  It is a year later and still nothing.

    My advise is stick to developers you know and trust and start off by giving them a small unit standard to do and see what the material is like before giving bigger jobs.  Only my opinion. It really is frustrating that you can’t trust anyone anymore these days!

    Hope you come right.


    In the process of getting a developer to offer material both parties must sign a service level agreement which has to guide all the processes and the relationship. Many parties get involved in business without any rules and regulations, and to my concern, it is not fair for a developer to ask for a full amount upfront before delivering the required service or product. Payment has to be done in percentages to accommodate all parties involved. 

    Also in the case of material accreditation, both parties must lay out the rules and regulations as to how and what will be done if the material fails the accreditation process. The developer in this case is responsible for making sure that the material gets accreditation as long as the provider or buyer did not temper with the material. the developer has to be involved throughout the process until the provider is satisfied and material is accredited, and is of good quality.

    I am currently in the process of getting material accredited and the developer is all way behind me with support and everything, the key thing is the service level agreement that binds both parties. in the past our company once had that problem of a developer not producing as agreed because there were no guidelines and learnt a lesson from that, now we make sure service level agreements are signed and adhered to by both parties.

    This is really causing lot of problems and bad name to other developers who knows their work and deliver effectively.

    Pamela Huygen

    As a material developer it is so sad to hear these stories.  I have no idea how these developers get by as your good name is the only thing you have in this industry and yet we hear these stories over and over again on Skills-Universe and clients who come to us already out of pocket and desperate.

    I would suggest you ask for your money back.  If they don’t want to give it back, put a civil claim in. 

    We did an article on Skills-Universe not so long ago to try and assist providers in avoiding these kinds of people.  Please feel free to give it a gander at Safety tips when purchasing training material.

    Please note that if it is not TETA training material, no developer can sell it to you as accredited.  TETA is the only SETA who allows this and then the material should come with a letter of purchase and chain of evidence.  Services material for example can be sold as “previously accredited”, and then you should also get the approval document provided by the provider where it was approved along with the material.  I would also like to mention that in our experience especially with Services SETA, it does take at least two site visits to get the material accredited, the first one to find fault and the second to approve but should not take longer than that.

    I feel so badly for you I’d like to offer you a free unit standard from our list of developed material if you are interested.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future purchases and hope this never crosses your path again. 


    In my case temba I did have a service level agreement only to find out that the company was deregistered during the period that the developer was working on the content and I still don’t know what the reason was why she didn’t deliver as promised.  She gave me some of the content but not all.  She was developing a qualification for me and assisting with accreditation as training provider.  I now sit with only 1 of 7 modules and an incomplete QMS.  I now have to finish it off by myself as there isn’t any additional funds to pay someone else to do it and for the fact that I am too scared that the next person will also take me for a ride.  It still costs alot of money to go to court and we can’t trace this developer either, she just keeps running away! 

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