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    Media Voice Communication Services offers…
    Media training to executives and senior management hoping to increase their, as well as their company’s profile in the media in order to build reputation as a means of improving profitibality and sustainability.
    Voice and Presentation skills training to enhance the quality of an individual’s voice and general presentation skills in order to limit the possibility of failed communication as a result of poor delivery.
    Communications skills trainingto empower organisations to build and improve their internal and external stakeholder relationships.
    Our training is currently offered as short courses, while we are seeking accreditation.

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    Hi Anthea

    I’m interested to find out about your Media training. Does this include training managers how to use technologies for online media exposure?


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    Hi Willie,

    Thank you for the query. I have been out of office hence I am only replying now.

    My training and support services are specifically focused on engaging / interaction with the media (journalists) to increase your profile without the cost of advertising. Other than that, I focus on general communication strategies – building and improving relationships with key stakeholders, including employees, government, suppliers, customers, etc. This includes the use of social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

    With regard to the technologies, I do have an associate who would be able to assist you with this.

    Kind regards,

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