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Managing with COVID-19

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    sylvia hammond

    We have updates on our sister sites:
    skills portal will give you the content of the President’s speech,,
    the careers portal has running reports on progress particularly affecting education and training,

    We wait for Minister Nzimande Monday morning 16th March 2020, 10h00 for further details on the effect upon universities and colleges.

    We are in a national State of Disaster under the Disaster Management Act – Act 57 of 2002.
    For those who would like to understand the powers that flow from the Act – the Gazette is attached.
    Then there is also a Classification Gazette on the powers of the Disaster declaration.

    The following is a Summary
    *National State of Disaster Declared*
    ☑ Travel ban from foreign nationals from high risk countries from 18th March 2020.
    ☑SA citizens advised to refrain from travel to or through high risk countries effective immediately.
    ☑SA citizens returning from high risk countries will have testing and self isolation.
    ☑All foreign nationals having arrived into the country since mid February from high risk areas must be tested
    ☑All spheres of government must not take non essential travel.
    ☑Gathering of more than 100 people prohibited
    ☑Schools closed from 18 March until after the “easter” weekend break.
    ☑Visits to all correctional facilities canceled for the next 30 days.
    ☑All businesses must ensure all measures taken to intensify hygiene control
    ☑All shopping centres must ensure all measures taken to intensify hygiene control
    ☑Capacity of health centers being increased nationally
    ❗Call for all to wash hands for 20 seconds.
    ❗Call for all to sneeze with a closed hand into a tissue of elbow
    ❗Call for all to avoid close contact with those who have flu-like symptoms
    ❗Call for all to practice the “elbow” greeting and not shake hands.
    ☑National command council has been established, meeting 3 times a week, chaired by the president.
    ❗This virus will have significant and drastic effect on our economy.
    ❗Cabinet is finalizing a package of varying fiscal measures for business labour etc.
    ❗We must stop spreading fake and fear-promoting news
    ☑ Swift, purposeful, and collective action required.

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    Tass Schwab

    Thank you Sylvia, for the Acts and Summary. What needs to also be noted is that our Ports and Borders will also be affected. Awaiting the news re the Colleges and Universities!


    Hi Sylvia

    Is it possible to get a communication from the seta’s regarding the following:

    If training is suspended will the learnership agreements be extended automatically.
    WSP training being held by various setas – will this be cancelled as this is often over 100 people.
    Is there a contingency plan for WSP submissions – should staff not be at work or setas have limited staff?

    Not sure if there is anything else.

    sylvia hammond

    Thands Tracey those are all excellent questions – I will endeavour to ascertain.

    sylvia hammond

    One of the most interesting articles on COVID-19, is the Daily Maverick interview with Professor Lynn Morris, in the National Institute of Communicable Disease (NICD) – and the history that department has in dealing with the series of virus infections affecting or potentially affecting South Africa.

    The critically relevant point that comes out of that interview – in addition to the extensive capacity – is that South Africa has had an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) since 2014, and that Zweli Mhkize activated the EOC on 29 January 2020.

    Ironically, the extensive experience derives from the widespread existence of TB and HIV/AIDS.

    The conclusion I derive from the interview is that South Africa may be in a superior position to handle the challenge of COVID-19 than other apparently “advanced” countries.

    The full article is available on this link:

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