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LGSETA loses accreditation application file – legal action warranted?

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    Hannes Nel

    Nope, they will not be horrified because they know. I have a ring binder full of letters sent to them and they don’t even respond.


    Hi Kate

    Contact details of a specific person or persons will help a lot, just contacting the QCTO leads nowhere.


    Hi Nerina Try Tobile Gqili




    Taking in consideration everyone’s response, I agree with allot of the statements, we need to stand together and keep SETA’s responsible to ensure that they comply with the standards set out by the acts.

    If training providers need to comply to those acts so must the SETA’s and event the QCTO!

    In my own experience I must say that the QCTO is really trying to ensure that SETA’s comply, however it must be noted that the SETA’s do not speak the same language, each SETA does their own thing and the the QCTO must implement a standardized system using the the acts as reference.  

    I found the best way to fight back is to keep the SETA’s accountable according there own policies and procedures, and even taking the route of the QCTO, and if they do not assist take the road upwards to the Minister.  

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 36 total)
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