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LGSETA loses accreditation application file – legal action warranted?

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Narina,

    Yes, I can relate to a lot of what you say from personal experience – and I’m also a grandmother.  Yes, I think that is exactly what some of the SETA people have done.

    I also believe that we have to take responsibility for a lot that is happening because we are the older generation.  

    However, I do think that some clarity so that people can plan forward would be good.

    We have an HRD council – surely there are people there who understand about human resource management – it is completely unproductive to have people working in this insecure environment.  

    I would be advising Minister Nzimande to bring the plans forward get them out in the open – let all the complainers complain – and then everyone can move on.  

    sylvia hammond

    Hi Narina, I haven’t checked the link that Jax has just given, but my understanding was that the QCTO is and has been ultimately responsible for the quality assurance function.  

    However, as they were getting started, they delegated the responsibility back to the SETA ETQAs. I had assumed that all qualifications were delegated 

    However, recently I became aware that there is a difference between the legacy qualifications – that is the old unit standards qualifications – and the new QCTO format qualifications. 

    But what I’m after is the actual documentation that sets this out.  I will check the link and follow up further.


    Yes, knowing what is going to happen would be extremely nice for everyone involved and if we could just move on 🙂


    I agree with Narina Horn and Carla Van Veenendaal on holding individual employees legally responsible for financial losses, surely we only have to take one person to task for everyone to shape up and all this stops. If people’s performance is well managed individuals will work.

    Kate Sani

    I urge you to report this to the QCTO, particularly the SETA’s response to you approaching the PP. QCTO will be horrified by their attitude.

    The “ETQA” of SETA’s are rigorously monitored and audited by the QCTO (it has  a dedicated division for this purpose). The SETA’s responsiveness to the needs and concerns of providers is a key criteria against which SETA’s are monitored.

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 36 total)
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