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LGSETA loses accreditation application file – legal action warranted?

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    Jonathan Wigley

    I submitted an accreditation application on behalf of a client of mine to LGSETA in early January this year. On 11 February 2015 I received an email acknowledging receipt of the application file:

    ——– Forwarded Message ——–

    Subject: Letter of acknowledgement for 2015 (New Template)
    Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 08:59:04 +0000
    From: General Ronnie Molapo <>
    To: <>

    Good Day Jonathon


    Kindly receive the attached letter to acknowledge the receipt of your accreditation application file.





    Then, after a few reminders to the LGSETA via friendly emails, trying to establish a date for the onsite verification visit, I get this email from Pumla Mkele (LGSETA ETQA Manager):

    On 2015/04/09 3:26 PM, Pumla Mkele wrote:

    Good Afternoon Jonathan,

    Apologies for misplacing our file. I kindly request that you re-submit the application and we will endeavour to fast track your accreditation application. Please accept our apology


    Kind Regards


    Pumla Mkele

    ETQA Manager

    47 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview, 2007

    Tel: +27 11 456 8579 | Email:

    So, I must face a loss of about 6 days of my time and resources to re-compile the accreditation application. A loss in the region of R20 000 including printing and courier costs. 

    Do we just stand by and let SETA’s get away with this despicable and unprofessional behaviour. A promise of a fast-tracking of my application – is that any kind of consolation against my losses? If it can be fast tracked, why are all applications treated as priorities? 

    Does anyone think I have a legal case to make against the LGSETA in this scenario? 

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    Alexander Robertson

    Please note, they will “only endeavour”, not that they WILL fast track the application.  Request them to supply you with the necessary paper (how many reams?) as all information should be saved or if they will accept the re-application on a memory stick for them to print, plus the courier costs?  She how they react to that and cc the CEO out the SETA in to your response to their message.


    Problem is the inability to generally keep track of files in most of the Setas and even at the DHET itself.  One would have thought that by now they would have developed some kind of tracking system, or a dashboard of sorts and made it applicable to all the SETAS and everywhere where applications go to, to keep track of the files.  It is too easy to simply say “Sowwie, we loooosstt it, but if you resubmit, we will fast track it (maybe)”  Yeah right.  We hear it too often.  That is a sign of bad management.  As practicing advocate, I am not going to advise you, lest I be told that I am touting or advertising (first we may not do, the second we may).  However, I am going to commiserate with you.  Privately, you may contact me, but it will be an informal discussion.  You may contact your own lawyer, of course.  But i agree with Alexander Robertson’s advice below. 

    Henk Cloete


    I would think that this would indeed warrant legal action, and if you would prefer, I could advice on the team to deal with it.

    I myself send documents to a “SETA” in 2013 that went amiss…. And yes, the very same ETQA Manager acknowledged receipt thereof…

    Due to this “misplacement”, we have lost a lot of income… and as yet, there is no resolution from the SETA, and that is why we are going the legal route…

    But, be warned, you will be fighting a bureaucratic system with both time and money on their side…


    I doubt very much that the file has been lost, the person involved probably just does not feel like working. It would be nice to know if we can hold individual employees at a SETA legally responsible for financial losses, as I am sure we only have to take one person to court for everyone to shape up and all this nonsense to stop.

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