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    Zerelde Uys

    Having exhausted all other forms of normal communication with the ETDPSETA ETQA, I hope that this post will again come to the attention of Mr Sader, ETQA Manager. Two months ago, Pierre Wepener made a desperate call for attention, which led to an open meeting with all Providers on 5 July 2016.

    I attended, I understood the challenges and resolved to be patient out of respect for the request to provide enough time to address all the challenges listed by numerous providers. And I appreciated the Nando’s lunch provided!

    I was actually lucky to have a few SoR’s processed with only a few challenges around Datanet and absent staff within reasonable time thereafter. Patience and respect rewarded I thought. But then my misery started with the mistakes!

    1. A learner awarded the Literacy unit standards at ABET 1 also has NQF 5 Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment on his SoR. This was partly my mistake, but not all the way – trying to have this corrected is impossible. 

    2. The renewed TP Accreditation certificate has incorrect unit standards listed and omitted accredited courses.

    The second issue does not affect me at the moment, and I can be patient (although I would like to know that my report has not disappeared into that very dark pit of Inbox Ignored….)

    The first issue however, directly impacts on the learner, the rest of the group holding back on receiving recognition for their accomplishments, the client company who thinks that I am just not interested to complete on the job started, the W&R Seta who has given up on trying to sign off on the project – and last but not least, my company not able to invoice for work done the last 6 months…..

    • I have NOT cc’d everybody whose email address I know in the ETQA, only the person directly responsible and later on the manager….
    • I have NOT tried to make 10 calls a day thereby flooding the switchboard…
    • I have NOT been impatient in terms of time; I only reminded them every two weeks for the last 6 weeks….
    • I have NOT received any recognition that my quest will be attended to…

    But today, I tried to call. I am sorry I did, because now all hope is shattered that anything has changed since 5 July….you know the story…

    Or have I missed some important announcement to Providers of the last flight to Mars?

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    Thanks Zerelde. I attended the same forum where Mr Sader was promising a great change in his department. Nothing much changed. Im still sitting with same issues like before.Imraan has and is still helping a lot. My concern is how best can we fix these issues. Businesses are suffering a lot. Pierre thanks a lot. I also dont know why Mfowabo cant just dmit that he doesn’t want to do his job or ….. Extension of scope has taken the whole year for only 2 US. Come on Mahlangu just report on whats happening than to take my contact details ten time with no call made afterwards. I think its best to meet again with the CEO in the forum because im not so sure if SHE knows how affected we are as the training provider. ETDPSETA Helooooo onceagain.

    Hannes Nel

    I will speak to the QCTO about this today and if it does not work we will take further steps.

    Bernadette Perumal

    Hi Nevson

    Kindly communicate with the CEO directly. It is staff like Mfowabo and the likes that are giving the Seta a bad name and tarnishing the reputation of the SETA. The best approach would be to speak to the CEO. All the best

    Lynel Farrell

    Thank you for this discussion Zerelde, it is important to follow up on steps taken.  The intervention that was held between providers and the ETDP Seta in July, was very important.  Many issues were addressed.  On a personal note, I found additional issues which goes back as far as 2006.  For the past decade, I have been studying and opted do specific areas of learning.  Problems and issues started with my results from UJ not reflecting on the ETDP Seta’s system.  With this issue, I have been declined to do any RPL applications to further my studies, as the qualifications I completed and achieved means nothing until it reflects on the ETDP Seta SoR.  I started investigating and asking questions.  Apparently there are about 3000 students from UJ dating back many years, where their achievements are still not reflecting at the ETDP Seta – the problem apparently is that the ETDP Seta system and the UJ system is not compatible – so far back???  I believe that the ETDP Seta is sitting with their plate overfull.  Drastic steps needs to be taken, more competent staff needs to be employed (whether full time, part time, temp) – I don’t think they have the capacity to address all the issues.  I don’t want to sit in the shoes of the ETQA manager at the moment, as the problems and issues goes back many years.  So do you address current issues, or do you go back to issues that started a decade ago?  What are we to do now?

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