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Extension of scope applications – help with clarification QCTO process

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    Bernard Botha


    A long time ago I made a similar proposal to the QCTO about the allocation of verifiers, the big chief had a look at it and then sent it to the people who could introduce it with a note that he thought it had merit and they should look at the implementation – from there it went to File 13 and disappeared into the information black hole!

    As to your suggestion; I would like to amend the classic genie story slightly. A man was walking along the beach in Cape Town when he found a brass jar and when he rubbed it a genie appeared; offering him one wish. He said “My son is in Australia and I am afraid of flying; can you arrange a highway between Cape Town and Australia? The genie rubbed his head and then said, “what you are asking is well neigh impossible, can’t you wish for something else, like understanding your wife?”

    The man thought and then said: “Well I am trying to get information from the SETA’s and the QCTO, but that is not easy.” To which the genie replied: “will two lanes each way and a rail track below and a mix of Wimpy, McDonalds and Starbucks every 100 km be OK?”


    My smile for the day –
    Never mind we will persist & I am looking forward to Professor Stephanie Allais’ presentation this afternoon on:
    “Supply and demand’ is an unhelpful notion for thinking about skills development: reflections from the COVID skills strategy”.

    Bernard Botha

    Please remove! I did not see your reply!


    Hi Bernard – I hope I have done the right thing – now removed.

Viewing 4 posts - 6 through 9 (of 9 total)
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