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DHET call to private providers – to contribute to an integrated PSET ecosystem

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    Lynel and Nigel I am very eager to get involved. I used to be part of APPETD and would like to please rejoin. Lynel I am happy to assist you in terms of capacity. Please can we continue this discussion. Regards Peta Horn

    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Peta, I am glad you want to get involved. I am not sure what APPETD requires, in order to post it on other networks. When I say I don’t have the capacity – it means, that if I post what APPETD wants and needs from providers – I will be getting calls, messages, emails whereby I will need to answer providers as the questions come in – and I am not sure if I could handle the numbers). Please get in touch with APPETD, as I am not sure if there is a deadline, what they need or require. I wish I was involved from the start in order to help.

    Des Squire

    I think it has all been said above and thanks Nigel for verifying what I have been saying for a long time.
    I am of course willing to become involved wher and when necessary.
    Thank you sylvia for creating awareness, were it not for you many of the issues the department and other bodies should be communicating with us on would be missed.
    Where are all of the DHET, SETA and QCTO contact records and why do these bodies not make the required contact?
    APPETD is a great body and i am in favour of such a body, but somewhere along the line they placed the emphasis on large private providers to the detriment of SMME’s. Just saying.

    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Des,
    I agree with you. I agree with Nigel too, whereby a huge issue is the practical component and assessment thereof (especially technical training). I have now read the points, and there are definitely more concerns to be added, especially for the smaller providers in various industries. I agree with some points, but not all of them. There are more challenges and concerns – I would like to know, if APPETD wants more participation from small providers and by WHEN? What is the time frame for submission? Is there a survey currently running to obtain more input from providers?

    I don’t agree with the OHS whereby APPETD can play in pre-screening before any inspector visits. All accredited providers have gone through health and safety audits (done annually), whereby they need to now include the COVID-19 requirements. Providers will not be able to pay for additional “pre-screening” from another association, unless this will be done at no cost to the provider?


    Thank you Des & Lynel –
    On the comment about APPETD Des – yes I have received a number of comments about how much it is to join and small providers just simply cannot afford that price.

    It seems to me to indicate two things:
    * the ETD sector is similar to all other sectors in the SA economy – that is we have a few large, often multi-national – organisations that dominate the sector.

    Unfortunately, the large enterprises then have the resources to belong to, and participate in, all the key bodies, and to represent their own interests. This is of relevance to all the SETAs, and the Quality Councils, and SAQA. The question is the extent to which the interests of the whole sector – including the informal – is represented.

    As in the rest of Africa, the informal sector is large – and sometimes dominant. I suspect much larger than the StatsSA defined informal sector – especially in ETD.

    So we have a situation where the large players set the requirements for participation – and benefit financially.

    * the DHET has not been aware of just how much activity there is in ETD with small to micro to survivalist enterprises. That only started to become clear when the DHET tried to register providers.

    I believe that far more attention needs to be paid to the micro and survivalist trainers and facilitators, and assessors and moderators. They usually represent a depth of specialist expertise – and as such are extremely valuable to the economy, but go totally unrecognised, and totally underappreciated.

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