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DHET call to private providers – to contribute to an integrated PSET ecosystem

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Sylvia,
    And all those involved in this exercise, this is a mammoth task and all efforts are welcomed and appreciated.

    Wait for it…… However,in terms of experience and membership, APPETD by far, does not represent the vast majority of private training providers who DHET refer to as “suitcase” SDP’s. When reviewing the APPETD Membership list, the numbers reflect an extremely small percentage of the total number of accredited SDP’s in this country. Of those Members, there is a commonality of purpose and operation considerably dissimilar to that of the “suitcase” SDP’s. Without their representation it is considered disingenuous to claim to be the voice of all private SDP’s.

    It would be a little incongruous to expect that the interests of the vast majority can be represented by a minority with little or no connection to the challenges faced by the majority. With all due respect to APPETD, membership and the Minister, unless there is an appreciation of the operations of these majority SDP’s, suggesting that APPETD can reach these majority SDP’s and adequately represent their key issues, problems, and solutions is unrealistic.

    The issues expressed in the above meeting, while pertinent perhaps to APPETD membership, clearly reinforces the “exclusivity” of APPETD representation at the expense of the concerns of an overwhelming majority. Representation without experience lacks proper value or perhaps this is merely a marketing exercise to bolster flagging membership numbers?


    Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for your response.

    Yes I believe that there is a very clear understanding by DHET that they don’t have sufficient contact with the providers to be able to develop solutions appropriate for them.

    Also that APPETD does not represent the majority of providers, and will make contact in order to gain contributions.

    APPETD are in contact with the QCTO.

    ASDSA was also present and will be contributing.
    I was asked to attend & have posted for skills-universe-members.

    I believe Lynel’s Facebook page will also have members.

    It is going to me a matter of pulling in a lot of individual contributions.

    If there is any other group that you can think of – please make contact with them.

    Lynel Farrell

    I almost missed this discussion. In order to get providers on board, is a huge task that will take a number of individuals that have access to large groups. I could reach out to Accredited Providers, Assessors, Moderators, Freelance Facilitators on other social networks – I just need to go through all the comments, goals and solutions. Although I do have a private group on Facebook, it is a very small group. I do have access to a number of large groups that could reach over 40k members, however I need to know exactly what I am promoting or what I am asking buy-in for – to ensure that I don’t get flooded by members. I am not a member of APPETD and know that in the past there have been mixed feelings both positive and negative. It is always easy to get members on board (with motivation and a lot of hours to be put in, with consistent communication and engagement). I am not sure at this moment – I need more information.

    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Lynel,
    I think the main concern is how to get moving again within the restraints of the COVID restrictions. Online training is obviously a core element of addressing these constraints, but as you know, most of the SDP’s are in the SMME category with limited resources to implement a change of this nature. Many of these providers are involved in Regulatory compliance training which involves practical assessment and certainly there are severe limits and risks to assessing a practical online.

    Without wanting to expose details which others have previously taken credit for, I will mail you as I have a range of people who may be interested in providing some input. I now also finally have the support of the TETA ETQA manager and we have been discussing some ideas and solutions.

    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Nigel, perhaps send your contacts, interested practitioners and providers directly to APPETD – I am not running this task, and do not have the capacity to do this. I am already being flooded by messages, emails and calls from providers all over. I wish I was given more time to look at this, as I do not have all the information.

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