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Beware – a scam aimed at training providers

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    Information of relevance to all training providers. I have been made aware of a scam that is currently operating targetting training providers.

    As I understand it, the training provider receives a request for a quotation to provide tablets and IT training. The request appears to come from the Gauteng Department of Education.

    Apparently, it is a scam and the objective is to receive the tablets. I have not attached the document I received, but it looks very genuine. It is the email address that is suspect.

    Please let me know if you have received something similar – from this or any other source.

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    Kerrin Badham

    Yes, we had this scam at our offices in 2016. Some person at the department of education for over 100 tablets.
    We smelt a rat. The PO came through within a day and it was a high value quote. I drove to Pretoria to check out the delivery address and it was an obscure entrance to an apartment block without any Gauteng Education decals. We were told this was the store room.
    We sent a letter stating that we declined to quote and sent the info to a government anti-corruption email. We heard nothing except a government issued warning on the National Supplier Database website to always call departments to check the veracity of POs and RFQs.
    And we found similar tablets being sold on popular selling websites with the same cell number as a contact reference. Quick business for a crook.


    Thanks Kerrin for the additional information.

    Simphiwe Mdikane

    Hi Sylvia.
    There are actually a lot of these scams going around. Since our contact details are openly distributed for business purposes, and some of us are actually registered with the CSD, they can easily send us these so called “RFQ”s. Please do not respond to any of them asking for a quotation. Their letterheads and email signatures look genuine, but the email addresses are not correct. Before engaging with these communiques, go to the website at least and check their domain or call the call centre and find out if such a tender exists.


    Thank you Simphiwe that is good advice.
    Has this been reported to SAPS?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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