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Awaiting COVID-19 Criteria & Guidelines for Skills Development Providers

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    “I am currently finalising the Criteria and Guidelines regarding the activities of the Skills Development
    Providers, as the National Skills Authority (“the NSA”) which advises me on skills development matters is
    looking into the Criteria and Guidelines this week.”

    The quotation from Minister Nzimande this afternoon (9th June 2020) – in the Post-School Education & Training (PSET) family, the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) has now issued the Criteria and Guidelines (under COVID-19) for conditions of return to campuses and colleges under
    Save the Academic Year, Save Lives“:
    * universities
    * TVET colleges and
    * Community Education & Training colleges.

    Skills development providers are not yet issued. The National Skills Authority is to advise the Minister before they can be completed and issued.

    Please see attached a full copy of the speech explaining the circumstances for the returns to campuses and residence.

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