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Priority Management: Tools & Techniques to Enhance Effectiveness & Productivity

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      Karen Hardman

      Our approach encourages long term behavioural change, which delivers significant, positive results for our customers. Over two million people have now benefited from Priority Management’s training programs.

      Founded in 1984 by productivity expert Daniel Stamp, we quickly grew in reputation by teaching Best Practice time management principles in conjunction with a paper based system, called the ‘Priority Manager’.
      Our Working Smart series was originally created when Microsoft asked us to develop a program that would help their employees and customers increase workplace performance using their Outlook program. Working Smart integrates the underlying principles of Best Practice time, productivity, information and workload management into all major software
      applications such as Outlook, Lotus etc.

      Our company’s time tested curriculum, refined by ongoing R&D, participant feedback and familiarity with hundreds of organisations throughout the world ensures long-term behavioural change and an immediate
      application of Best Practice skills back at the workplace.

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