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A New Take on Time Managment?

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    I have recently developed a programme based on Dr Philip Zimbardo’s book The Time Paradox.  A very worthwhile read!  He talks about how we view time and the impact that this paradigm has on our lives.  The book is based on 30 years of reasearch and he has identified 6 paradigms:  Past Positive or Negative, Present Hedonistic or  Fatalistic, Future Mundane or Transcendental.  In a nut shell we all interepret the present from either one of those perspectives and the most sucessful people are those with a Future mindset which means they understand cause and effect.  These are the only people who are able to find value in Time Managment Programmes.  They will most likely over use them to become even worse workaholics sacrificing family and health in the process.  The least successful people are those who live in the present – they will be unable to apply the principles of Time Management as they live in a place of instant gratification.  They are the people who live risky lives and make decisions based on what feels good.  I no longer train the traditional time management programmes but rather try to help people find a more balanced view of time and it’s impact on their lives.  The book includes a test to measure your own profile – it has had a great impact on understanding people and the kind of choices they make.  the good news is that these profiles can be changed and Dr Zimbardo gives very practical exercises.

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