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Request for assistance to develop Recognition of Prior Learning Portfolio of Evidence

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    Hi guys,

    may anyone please assist me to find an accredited and recognised institution in preparing a

    Portfolio of Evidence in Recognition Of Prior Learning.

    My Contacts are:

    Email address:  LukheleE@saps.gov.za

    Tel: 013 762 6757 / 082 966 1094 ask for Ephraim Lukhele

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    Good day please provide specific areas of Study related to Your Request for assistance to develop Recognition of Prior Learning Portfolio of Evidence’ 

    perhaps I can help 

    Cell 0712935665

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    Lynel Farrell

    Good Afternoon Ephraim, in order to get the assistance you require, you need to give more details suchs as:

    1. The name of the qualification you are attempting to do via RPL

    2. If you are preparing a portfolio for RPL, then surely you have documents that you are following in order to collect evidence?

    3. Do you have an ECF assisting you currently?

    I read your request, as if you already have some information together, but I am not 100% sure.  Once you have given more information of what you require, you will be assisted accordingly.  Remember that there are different institutions that cater for RPL on specific qualifications.  Therefore the details are of importance.

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    Jennifer Williams

    Hi Zibonele

    What qualification are you looking to be RPL’d for?



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    Thank you Jenni

    It is about Contact centre and systems administration in an IT section, it’s what I’m doing right now at work, I also assist End users on alocation of functions and Profiles, it might be difficult for you to understand course this systems I’m talking about are for SAPS.

    thank you.

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    Desigan Tharmen

    I am ugently looking for assistance with RpL recognition for certification to train service station staff and managers on health and safety i have been completed high level training courses with Chevron SA and have samtrac amd have iso 9000,1800 and 14001 i neednassistamve md.guidance herein
    Desigan Tharmen

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