RPL, the NQF, and Articulation

Purpose of the NQF

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    It is really confusing as most companies still believe in Diplomas and Degrees without considering NQF aligned programmes.


    Yes Wilma, I agree…to the average man in the street all this stuff is still quite confusing.


    I think it’s a bit more than this. It’s not just the man in the street whose confused but anyone involved, fromservice providers, companies and also learners, due to the wholesale changes proposed for the training sector.   I think part of the problem is confusing the outputs desired by organisations that require performance changes by its employees, to the outputs required by Mr Nzimande, where the focus is on the learner and blow the needs of the organisation. The allocation of funding will directly reflect this. Training not leading to a qualification = no allocation of funds.

    Carl Roodnick

    The NQF is also intended to redress post-1994 imbalances which disadvantaged vast members of our population. Could it be that in the plot has been lost along the way?


    I agree Carl, but if we are going to create a winning nation we must get this right. There is a huge difference between education and training with quite clear outputs for both. There would appear to be a ‘greying’ of the area between them. Mr Nzimande appears (at least to me) to be confusing the needs of the individual (particularly PDI’s) and the needs of organisations that require assistance with fixing problems. Where training and development is seen as a possible solution to performance problems for an organisation, then this is not an ‘education/ qualification’ for the individual situation. The NQF has/ had a clear mandate at inception…this is now extremely blurred. 

Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 39 total)
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