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A meeting place for donors and those seeking funding, and for discussion of issues by skills-universe members interested in community building, supporting Non-profit organisations (NPO)s, NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and responsible for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate social investment (CSI).

The Department of Employment and Labour has posted on their website a call for proposals from labour service organisations - NPOs, NGOs, PBOs, who specialise in labour matters to provide training on labour laws to farm workers and their communities.

See the attached print screen.

Remember when you access the DEL site for more info, it is one of the moving screens, so you need to be on the 4th tiny circle towards the bottom centre of the screen. Click there & then for more info.

Today 15th October 2020 President Ramaphosa presented the post-COVID-19 recovery, reconstruction and transformation package.

This post was not planned for Heritage Day, but it turns out to be very appropriate. Please don’t misunderstand me – there is no doubt that as a nation, we have persistently high levels of unemployment, poverty, and inequality.

By now most members will be aware of a broadcast by President Ramaphosa at 19h00 tonight (16th September 2020).

Below is the statement from the Presidency last night - following the NEDLAC meeting.

However, in the statement there is mention of "the social partners". There may be members wondering who is/are NEDLAC, and so I thought it would be interesting to go back to the original founding of NEDLAC, & the NEDLAC Act 35 of 1994.
(So right at the beginning post-apartheid.)

I quote the original objects of the NEDLAC Act:

Skills-universe does not usually make any political or religious comments. But this article from The Conversation is worth thinking about. Could COVID-19 be a problem common to all South Africans - that we work on together - not only to solve the immediate problem - but work on for a better common future?

6 February 2018
Greetings of Peace
Dear Recipients
We can debate about the exact date when Day Zero will be upon us, will it arrive early in March, later in May or even better, be avoided all together if beneficial, soaking rain falls in the catchment areas of dams and aquifers soon. The reality is that Day Zero has already arrived:
when animals are dying of thirst, when vineyards fail because of drought, when tens of thousands of farm labourers are laid off because of crop failure,

Gift of the Givers Foundation
23 November 2017
Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

On Friday 24th November 2017, Gift of the Givers will hand over a 20-seat lab to the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Mangosuthu University of Technology.

Gift of the Givers Foundation
South Africans may despair at scenes of xenophobia. But then the Gift of the Givers Foundation - an organisation started by South African Imtiaz Sooliman - provides a model of the other side of who we are, and gives us hope for a better future.

Hi - what would the experts out there advise for a mature adult who has never achieved matric. I can assist this person with a level 4 or 5 managament qualification but am not sure if level 4 would be more appropriate (as its a matric equivalent) or level 5 as its a higher level. this person could easily manage level 5 - which will obviously be confirmed with an entry exam - and will never want to go the formal education route but may do further NQF in project management or IT sometime.


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