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Please don't contact me directly - please click on the link in the discussion

I have received this invitation from Kate Mlauzi, at the Centre for Researching Education and Labour, at Wits University.
Do you have SME clients who would be prepared to contribute? All that is required is to participate in an online Zoom type focus group.

"Are you interested in implementing Work-Based Learning Programmes and improving the access and incentives available?

Good afternoon

Is there anyone on this group that can assist me with issues with uploading ATR & WSP on the HWSETA webpage.

I have the same issues every year in that the upload doesn't accept OFO codes that are accepted when being uploaded manually.

Any person who may have some advise please can you send me your cell number. I would really appreciate any tips I can try.
I have over 600 lines that need to be captured and this will take me too many days.

Thanks in advance
083 290 3449

I have received a query that I cannot answer. Members please will you comment.

I have attached the notice it's a bit small - but to me the wording of the very first explanatory sentence is what is important.

"Every practitioner who provides tax advice, with respect to the application of all applicable tax acts, completes or assists in completing a return for the payment of a fee, must be registered with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) & the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) as the Recognised Compliance Body (RCP)."

Longstanding members will recall that there has been a series of posts over some considerable years representing the legal action of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) against the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) regarding the Skills Development Levy (SDL) Regulations.

In addition, 2020 has been further complicated by the 4 month holiday from SDL payments announced by President Ramaphosa at the start of the Disaster Mangement declarations and various guidance issues.

Good evening colleagues.

Hope you are all well.

I need presentation on the benefits of paying levy.I've got a presentation to make on tuesday to this cooperate in polokwane.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

[email protected]

I am always very grateful to the range of people who submit information to me to ensure that skills-universe members are kept abreast of events. I have been receiving a number of different documents - I will try to space them out. As many will know I have more industrial relations experience than skills development experience, so in my terms - the attached document tables and sets out the opening gambit, the basis for a negotiation.

I currently work for an airline, which has not been doing well financially for some time (even before the exacerbation by COVID-19). I have colleagues who have funded their own training towards being fully fledged pilots, but unfortunately they’ve come to a point where it has become exponentially more expensive for them to move forward (from a Commercial Pilots Licence to an Airline Transport Pilots Licence).

Thusa Lushaka Training and Development

We offer the following Service
1. ATR and WSP Submission
2. SETA Accreditation
3. Learnership Project Management
4. Accredited SETA Training
Contact us on [email protected]
060 528 2851

Good morning

I hope you are all healthy and safe.

I have excellent skills as a face-to-face facilitator. I am looking for a course that is at least an NQF level 6/7 which will assist me to learn skills to be able to train on-line as I believe this is a very different method of facilitation.

Is there anyone on this group who can recommend a course to assist me with this? There are many courses out there but they seem very basic - covers basic facilitation skills but not the on-line facilitation skills that I feel I am lacking.

Thanks all

The Minister for the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has issued an explanatory memo - Directive 7 of 2020 - to the Sector Education and Training Authorities.

The Directive explains the rationale for the DHET giving a further extension of the submission date for Mandatory Grants - that is Annexture II (WSP & ATR), until end July 2020. (Previously, it was extended until end June 2020.)

Please see attached document.

However, as with so much in the complexity of the skills development landscape, even explanations need explanations.


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