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SETA Accredited Training Providers – No Service Delivery!!!

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    Please respond if you could be of some assistance to our present situation!


    We have a learner who had commenced her Business Administration Learnership in 2009 with Sebenza Training Consultants in Durban. The owner had passed away but a lady called Ulita Kloke took over the Learnerships. The learner had completed the Learnership successfully in 2011, where we had received a letter from Ulita to inform us that she had been found competent, but that it would take Services SETA some time to issue her certificate.

    Some time had passed and I was becoming irritated that the learner had still not received her certificate. I had then contacted Services SETA to enquire whether the learner had in fact been registered on the MIS System, only to find out her registration had been retracted. Unfortunately our Company had taken over from another who was running with the Learnership on behalf of our client, so it was assumed that the learner would have been registered with Services SETA, as that would be the training providers responsibility.

    The SETA now refuses to upload her marks as they say it is the training providers responsibility, yet it was Services SETA who had accredited Sebenza Training Consultants. Services SETA also say that the employer must take legal action against them, which i feel is not the responsibility of the employer.

    Unfortunately we have been unable to get any response from Ulita Kloke, she does not respond to any of our emails nor does she return our calls! (Since April 2012)

    What can be done in this situation? How do we trust Training Providers? This incident has led our client losing faith in the system, training providers and Learnerships. And yet this is one of many training providers. We then ask ourselves, Why do we have SETA’s, what is there purpose?

    This is so disappointing that the SETA refusing to assist due to procedures, while a learner is told they have been found competent in their Learnership, yet they are unable to prove it as no certificate has been issued due to SETA’s internal procedures!


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