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Green paper on Post School Development

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    Cobus Cato

    I would like to hrar some thoughts around the Green paper on Post Scooling Development. I am of the view that this might be an attempt to get school drop-outs back into some form of education. The minister has a very shrewd way with words in window dressing the issue at hand. I have some questions surrounding this, together with some concerns, as to where the funding will actually come from. The minister makes noises in the green paper that funding from SETA’s will have to be looked at. If this is the case it would, in my opinion, delve into the funding industry is entitled to for training and development which ultimately would mean less for the emeployer who have paid his dues of 1% and now cannot get back what he is actually entitled to. This would have the ripple effect all down the line eventually where employers would now actually start reducing the training of employees as the funds will be limited. The minister also encourgaes the employed to obtain some form of skill and in so many words said that education is not the determining factor in skills development. This concerns me as employers, who have to meet the requirements of BBBEE, must actually invest in training of accredited skills development. I have difficulty in bringing this together and it seems to me that industry, particularly the employees, will suffer the concequence of reducung the pool of money intended for training and development, and in so doing uplifting the skilled workforce of the country.

    Maybe I am interpretining the intent of the green paper but the number of matrics who wrote the final exam in 2011 are approximately 600 000, opposed to the approximately 1.4 million started grade one 12 years ago. Where did those drop-outs go and are these the individuals who is targeted in the green paper? Would like to share the views of others, please. I am not on my soap box here but just say it how I understand what I read in the document.

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