There is no singular record of the inefficiencies suffered by Private Providers, Moderators, Assessors - let alone applications taking years to process with various SETA’s – so please add your issues & solutions (if) with your contact nr.

Hi everyone, I am not sure whether I am in the correct platform for this query. I am trying to apply to get assessor scope with BankSeta. I have found a form online which I have completed with all the applicable documents but it does not mention to who I need to send it to and after a number of call to BankSeta, I still have no luck. Could any one point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance!

Not sure if I'm posting in the right group, but here it is: Qualification 50334 have a core Unit Standard 114924 that forms part of the Qualification. I don't get any feedback from ETDP SETA on what I must do. My registered learners must do that specific Unit Standard, but it expired in 2013 and still forms part of the core requirements of 50334. I cant get them registered on Indicium against that Unit Standard under 50334? Any assistance will be appreciated.

Hello, I'm hoping you can help.

Are any other Skills Development Providers struggling to get their Learner's Qualification Certificates / SoRs out of the MICTSETA after External Verification has been completed?

One reason we got is that there is a problem with the 'board' the certificates are printed on. We have been getting this excuse for over three months. I find it hard to believe they haven't solved this 'board' problem yet.

Any insights would help.

Hi everybody

I need some advise.

I uploaded WSP's and ATR's and don't know how I did not press the submit button. The IT company for the SETA in question said there is nothing they can do to assist me. All uploads was done 100% before the due date (30 April 2022)

I only realised this yesterday morning.
Should the SETA not be accommodating in this matter? I mean, I can understand if nothing was done before the 30th. Don't ask how I missed the submit button but I did.

Is there a process I can follow?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Guys help

I apply for to LG seta to be registered with lg seta my application came back with error and the battle since 2018.

I even sent to CEO kzn region and national but email does give me any progress.


I've received a number of queries about CETA over this last week.

The Discretionary Grant (DG) funding window has been extended and now closes on the 22nd November 2021.

Please see attached the presentation that was given to the online stakeholder workshops. The end slides refer to the software demo - obviously that is not there.

For further info please also look at the CETA website under Media announcements.

Pennywise the clown has returned!

Not in Derry, Maine, USA, but right here in SA, this time not targeting children but rather hard-working people in the training sector whose efforts are being rewarded with horrifying disrespect and ancient evil of incomprehensible unfeeling.

Freddy, Jason, Michael and their crew of happy slashers are fictional characters with an endless number of escapades bespattered with blood and gore.

In reality, we have SETA’s to offer the cringe factor, far more destructive and psychopathic than any of the TV/film blade wielding, blood spattered miscreants.

Here we have a SETA which is currently killing livelihoods and destroying businesses without conscience and in the name of improving standards.

Is anyone else struggling with the MICTSETA skills portal at the moment?
I log in and all I see is my profile – nothing else.


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