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    Thembi Qowane

    Good day,

    I was just wondering whether you would know how much is the current or recommenced cost to develop the following programmes:

    1. Develop Outcomes Based Programme–US:123394
    2. Define target audience profiles Programme–US:123396
    3. Design Outcomes Based Learning Programme–US:123401
    4. Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment–US:115753
    5. Conduct Moderation Outcomes Based Assessment-US:115759

    a) Programme Strategy Document (Alignment Matrix)
    b) Learner Guide
    c) Facilitator Guide
    d) Learner Assessment Guide
    e) Facilitator Assessor / Assessment Guide

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

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    Tass Schwab

    It will be far cheaper to purchase than to develop. I am able to provide all 123401 immediately. Contact me for material that contains no plagiarized google searches, direct copy pasted information.

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    Lumka Gcorha

    Hi Tembie, do you want to buy or develop for yourself?

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