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    Hi everyone, I have read in the sowetan newspaper that Regenysis is offering free qualifications to anyone willing to study further.What is the truth in the whole thing?

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    sylvia hammond

    This a comment that Charles Dey posted in another discussion:
    “Last night I attended the launch of Regenesys Business School’s “Free Eductaion for All” project, a very prestigious event addressed by guest speakers Bertie Lubner, Mark Lamberti and Clem Sunter (who by the way is raising some very serious flags at the moment).
    The project is sponsored by the DTi,
    Human Resources Development Council
    Pearson publishers (who make all the prescribed reference books available online)
    Sunday Times and
    Internet Solutions.
    The courses offered (various qualifications in business management) are all fully accredited.
    How it works is this:
    As soon as you sign on to any course you have access to ALL the reference material for that course: study guides, podcasts, videos, blog “hangouts” and online access to tutors for FREE. In other words, you have free access to the same reference material and tutoring as any other student.
    You may study this material.
    When however you need to be assessed for the qualification, this is when you must pay.
    You do however have free online access to a wealth of Intelectual property in the format required to study for the qualification as well as access to mentors and other students.
    I have said for a long that, from a provider’s point of view, reference material has limited or no value as such.
    Regenesys must have been listening to me.
    What do other providers think of this development?”

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    This simply means that the learning material and tutorials are for free except for the assessment.

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Frank, yes that is what I understand from this report. Internationally, there is a big move to make information and education and training material available – free – so I think that is what they are recognising. UCT for example on its website has an “open source” section – where anyone can access. I think that will eventually be the future. If you link that to the initiatives to get every child a laptop you can see how it works together.

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    Thanks Sylvia, it start to make more sense to me now.I beleive thi is a very positive initiative towards the future.I hope every organisation will follow suit.

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