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Please tell me where one can report a SETA’s ETQA for not doing their job.

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    Every training provider relies on training to sustain themselves. Most of them work hand in hand with the SETAs, the ETQA to be more direct. So if it takes a year and some months to have a learning material evaluated or assessor registration one has to wonder. I have a problem as a training provider and wish to escalate but need to know where i can channel my problem. Please assist because i know i am not the only one affected. Thank you 

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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Nevson, yes providers should work hand in hand with their primary Seta and secondary SETAs. Without the assistance , guidance, approval, evaluations and administrative services offered from the Seta, a training provider is doomed. We need to understand that rules, regulations, stipulations, criteria, policies and procedures does not just get born from the Seta, but from their Council and Board Members, QCTO, SAQA, department of Higher Education, the minister of education and the president (not forgetting other stakeholders such as the levy paying employers and industry to name a few). One of the main problems are that some SETAs have been under administration. Once this happen, all applications is put on hold (no matter how big or small you are, no matter if you are a training provider or an employer, no matter if you are a student or a thousand students). So my recommendation to you would be as follows:

    1. When you requested your material to be evaluated and approved, did you ensure that all the requirements have been met and that the Seta acknowledged that they have received all the material?
    2. Do you have a trial of communication with regards to follow-ups and turnaround time confirmation from the start of your process/application?
    3. If you applied for registration as assessor, did you submit all the relevant documents as indicated in the application documents?
    4. If you are not the assessor, did this individual submit the documents themselves, or did you as a provider submit it for them?
    5. If your communication to the Seta ETQA specialist have not been favorable, did you communicate in writing to the ETQA manager in writing?
    6. Did you ensure that the learning material or assessor application scope falls under the SETA?

    If you have done the above and still did not get an outcome, and have placed on record your disappointment in the turnaround time to the ETQA manager, then your next reporting line will be to the SETA CEO in writing.

    In short the reporting line will go as follows:
    1. Letter to ETQA specialist (the individual that has received your initial application)
    2. Letter to the ETQA Manager (if the above has been done and you have proof of all your communication)
    3. Letter to the SETA CEO (note: if the above has been done)
    4. Letter to the QCTO (if the above has been done with no outcome or communication to you)

    You can take it further than the QCTO, but before you do this, you must ensure that you have done everything within your application according to the criteria, rules, regulations, policies, procedures. Also remember that once an investigation is started, everything is taken into account which means 360 investigation.

    So as long as you have done your part and your house is in order and you comply, there is no reason why you should not take the next step in reporting this to the next senior level.

    I hope this helps?

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    Hi Lynel

    Thank you so much for the information. I am happy that the first to stages in escalating the problem has been covered which leaves me with a few to go. I appreciate the help so much. I will do so and will let you and others know.

    Thanks a mil

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    Lynel Farrell

    Nevson, only a pleasure!  We assist each other where we can!  Good luck!

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    Hello Nevson,

    If Lynel’s suggestions do not work, I suggest going directly to the Department of Higher Education, especially if you do not get a response within a reasonable time. I have had situations of no reply from a SETA ETQA manager as well as no reply from the CEO. I really struggled to resolve my issue. However, when I went directly to the Department of Higher Education, they resolved the matter very quickly. They responded fast and approached the SETA immediately. I commend the Department for excellent service. I hope you have success.

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    Thank you for this post Nevson and Lynel for your reply. I too complained to our local offices and removed the post I placed here. Let’s just say that that after numerous unanswered emails and messages left unreturned, I was just a little frustrated and have had to eat humble pie.

    Either way, the ETQA concerned (in my case, and I suspect that it may be the same in yours) has just revived itself from administration and we should be able to expect so much more.

    What I struggle to come to terms with though, is why the ETQA’s – ALL of them – don’t take responsibility (and the cost involved) for the moderation of learning materials for their constituents? Not every SDP has the capacity to reformat materials that (more often than not) just barely make the grade in terms of ‘accreditation-ready’ or ‘accreditation-worthy’, sourced from development sausage machines?

    I know that I sound like a stuck record having harped on about this before, but I have yet to receive a reasonably acceptable answer.

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    Heidi D Edwards

    Hi Nevson,

    There are a few routes to follow.

    Your discussion does not state what you have already tried, but consider any one of these options.

    1. First and foremost engage with the CEO of the SETA if your engagement with the ETQA Manager has not yielded the desired results.
    2. You can also report a SETA to SAQA via an appeals process AND
    3. You can report a SETA to the Public Protector.  

    As per point 2 above – I am sure you realise that if you report a SETA to the Public Protector you may wait for months before a report is issued.

    I recommend that you also familiarise yourself with the various Acts under which such reporting can take place.  

    EXAMPLE:  The Skills Development Act – section 10 (3) states that ‘a SETA must perform its functions in accordance with this Act’.  Remember that a SETA’s mandate is to assist Providers with accreditation and that is what the Skills Development Act is all about.

    You should also familiarise yourself with the Public Administration Management Act.

    Not withstanding the aforementioned pointsI am sure you want immediate resolution ad restitution but there is no mechanism in place that will give you overnight resolution.  I can only reiterate that you should make every effort to schedule an appointment with the SETA’s ETQA Manager or CEO.

    I wish you well with whatever route you take.

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    Carel Ballack

    For what it is worth, you have to do some research on the specific SETA. Find out who is in charge of administering the qualifications or paperwork you are waiting for. 

    Under the new process, the SETA’s submit the paperwork to NAMB who then issues a trade certificate. But this relates to trades, different qualifications have different channels to follow.

    So try and chase the paper trail. Speak to different people at the SETA in question, enquire about the process, the path, who is in charge where, where does it go next, it might help to go there in person.

    Hoping you get the issue sorted.


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    Lynn,  can you send me your profile to  I have a feeling that we may need your expertise soon.

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    and sadly, when all else fails (and it often does), you can resort to begging, pleading, threatening and all the other hundreds of emotions the SETA’s subject us to, and then you need to jump through their hoops, stand on your head, kiss a few backsides, (all while holding your composure – heaven forbid you lose your cool), and after all that —— you simply have to wait till someone actually decides that they feel like doing some work one day and you are the lucky lotto winner because they randomly chose your file or application to work with.

    And then don’t forget to be so very grateful and pleased and sing their praises when your goodies eventually get done – because there is always a next time……..

    Oh, and if anyone reading this is thinking I have issues with SETA’s, you are damn right – the organisations, the rules, the procedures, the people, the attitudes ………….. everything about them is just designed to make providers go mental.

    Further than that, good luck and I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic day 🙂

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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Peter, I forwarded you a mail to your addy.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Agree 100%!

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    Being polite with them (ETQAs) work for me. I make sure that i get hold of both their personal and office contacts. When i do call, i ask them questions like; How was your weekend spent, you sound a bit down today and when i end the conversation i would say have a fabulous day ahead and a more productive week and thank them in advance for the work they must do for me. If i pick up their home language then i bite my tongue a bit and there and then throw a word or two of their mother tongue etc luckily for me i am more like multilingual person. Hope it helps. But being angry at them it does not work. 

    About reporting: you can either report them directly to their manager or CEO of that particular SETA or launch a complain to the DHET or other private organisation like APPETD.

    Good Luck! Do not forget to Pray for them. God Bless!

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    Lynel Farrell

    Tim, whatever it was that made you this upset, I hope that the issue was resolved.  I can get frustrated believe me, but your message reads : danger!!!!!  I wouldn’t attempt, at this present moment, to give you any guidance or support. I do not have unlimited medical benefits or uncapped medical funds …………… It might not get easier, but it will get better.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Mamaruping, being polite to anybody will get you where you need to be (doesn’t matter who you deal with) whether it is a SETA, a Council, a Provider, an Employer, a learner, a colleague or just someone standing next to you waiting in line to pay for an item.  Unfortunately we live in a world with negativity, hear daily complaints, add our 2 cents when we can (acknowledging that I do it too) – so to stay polite can be hard to do, and majority of us try our best.  Sometimes we need to try to put our feet in the other one’s shoes, and attempt to understand the situation from their point of view.

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