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    It is painful to see police certifying documents the whole day. It is wasteful of state resources. They should be patrolling the streets and arresting criminals not certifying documents. In each an every police station in South Africa you will find police officers certifying documents as their daily job, sometimes not less than 10 of police officers in places like Pretoria & Johannesburg.

    My point is: What is the use of certifying documents if employers, setas, institutions of learning and so on are still going to verify the authenticity of the documents anyway?

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    Valid observation. Don’t forget the post office (although for them it is a source of revenue). Do persons requiring certified documents appreciate the cost incurred by ones who can ill afford the extra expense? As you say, verify documents at the interview, and if they don’t match with the CV ring the alarm bells.

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    I agree. We have our recruitment centre down the passage and they need certification not less than 3 months.

    We have however a commissioner of oaths on the premises who is an operations manager.

    if all the companies can use their own commissioner of oaths then it will make it easier for the people.

    they have to travel far to the closest police station. They are unemployed, then they have to pay about R30. to have their id’s certified. 



    Learnership assessor

    Skills development academy.

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    Luckily anyone can go and get documents certified (in an office setting) as long as they take the originals, the problem comes in when we are submitting tenders or applying to register on a database and the document needs to be certified, the CEO then needs to go herself and get these done as she needs to sign a document in front of them.  What a waste of time for her!

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    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me the purpose of this?

    What difference will it make if my certificate or ID was certified 3 months ago or 6 months ago? Just a  waste of time.

    Wikipedia: A certified copy is a copy (often a photocopy) of a primary document, that has on it an endorsement or certificate that it is a true copy of the primary document. It does not certify that the primary document is genuine, only that it is a true copy of the primary document.

    Also, why do we need a certified copy of your “statement of results”?  – To think that we all actually committing fraud with this as no SETA issues original copies. Its in most cases a PDF document we download from their websites. So now how can you certify something that is a printout from a website and declare it as the original and then request someone to certify it?

    Strange that they don’t ask certified copies of your CV also. Such a pain, and then you get the email asking that you must re-submit new copies when your Assessor and Moderators registration expire (normally after 3 years).

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    it was told to us when we submiited agreements at the Sasseta.

    it is a form of preventing Identity theft.

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    I agree that it is a waste of time, however it is possible to lift this burden from the police. What most people do not know is that the law makes certain people in certain occupations commissioners of oaths by default. For example the headmaster of any college would qualify to be a commissioner of oaths. You van also apply at the nearest magistrates court to become one.

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    Cobus Cato

    It is an unfortunate fact that there are many individuals with criminal minds walking our streets. I am of the view that requiring certified documents is just a precautionary measure to reduce the amount of criminal intent. On more than one occasion I made a call to verify the authenticity of certain qualifications just to find out that they were fraulent. The original which was presented to have the copy certified in the first place was a fraudulent document to start with and the police officers cannot determine that from where they are. We must accept the fact that qualifiactions (fruadulent ones, that is) can also be bought or altered upon request at the right price. I agree with the statement that companies should have their own commissioner of oath but can you imagine how busy this person is then going to be?

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    Good Day Sue

    Please could you give me some advice.  What were the steps taken for your Operations Manager to become a Commissioner Oaths?

    Thank you


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    Amanda Rumney

    The Post Office and Banks also certify documents.

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