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Call for Training Providers to work with FET College to deliver programmes

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    Alan Hammond

    1. Rationale

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    Well done with your initiative, Tammy.  When I was in the sector, I was all for public/private partnerships.  I have always believed that the public FET colleges do not have the capacity to be all things to all people as the Green Paper expects them to be.  The college I was at could play a strong management, supervisory and administrative role, but we simply did not, as a rural college, have the workshops or necessary facilities and equipment to offer sustainable training which would make an economic difference to the people living in our geographical area.  Not everyone agreed with me on this subject – I received a lot of criticism for this stance and I never managed to persuade everyone that in order to meet the mandate expected of us and do what our vision and mission statements so blithely stated, we needed to work in this way.  So, good luck!  I hope that what you are doing is an example to all the other colleges and that you receive all the support you need to make a success of this venture.

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    Tebogo Boroto

    Good day all

    Allan thanks a lot for always providing your services to all and sundry, it is appreciated.

    To Tammy, it is also appreciated that this initiative is directed to all not just a particular group because this will go a long way to help the people of Lephalale; especially the youth who will need to be upskilled now if not yesterday because critical and scarce skills will be needed if Medupi is to run efficiently without having to bring in skills from other areas of the country even importing them.

    To Catherine, the problem starts when the so called know-it-all are given tasks and want to appear to be in charge of each and every task involved in their areas of responsibility. Proper delegation with proper monitoring and reporting structures will enable the powers that be to concerntrate on substative issues. SMEs should be involved to assist on issues you articulated on without fear or failure or even favour. Blade means well but the people who advice him might be the ones leading hom astray but not coming out clear when they lack somewhere. Because that will show the character of a strong leader: Admitting when you are not so sure, so that right info from right people can be sourved, for the common good of those the programme is made.

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    Totally agree Catherine working with private providers is the way forward to be able to meet the mandate expected from the FET sector.  We are a FET situated in the rural areas of the Northern Cape and made use of various private providers when we were involved with the EPWP projects, many valuable lessons were learnt during this operation. The biggest problem we had was getting some of the private providers to upload the learners on the seta database and issuing SOR’s (the so-called fly by nights).  The good working relationships we built up with the providers who delivered excellent work (we actually learn a lot from them) will result in ongoing partnerships in future.

    In each sector there is the good and the bad and there will be pitfalls on the way but we need each other to make an impact on the economic needs of the country.  


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    Hi to all

    Tebogo with this i agree to the fullest.

    Everythings goes well up to the point where “i know it all” wants to take control

    We are forever losing people with skills and ability to carry on where it started.


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    Bernard Botha


    Can you please contact me on 051-430-6340 – we are in Bloemfontein – which as the crow flies is not that far from Kimberley.

    Bernard Botha

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    Will do Bernard, the crow just has to fly so much further down to Upington.

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    To all who have taken up the conversation:  that’s where proper management and administration comes in – tight MoAs/contracts and clear roles and responsibilities spelt out, followed by regular monitoring and evaluation meetings, all recorded in writing.   The caveat must explicitly spell out what is meant by non-compliance and what happens to defaulters – and then cancel the relationship with them and let everyone else know why so that no-one else makes the same mistake.  Yes, it is a minefield, but if you do not manage the process firmly, you will be a sitting duck for unscrupulous providers.  Once bitten, twice shy, so I have learnt the hard way.

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    Hi Catherine

    I agree with you BUT we live in a training environment that has limited discipline and is absolutely unscrupulous.  If you can pay under the table the setup might work.

    I was in training for many years and i have seen the bad side of training practices and believe me you will have an heart attack if i tell you what is happening right now and the SETA’s is playing along. 

    Have a good day

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