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Hi, my name is Dorothy Doorasamy, i am currently unemployed and has been in Credit Management for the past 13 years. I am currently a registered facilitator and am looking for an opportunity to go into training on a contractual basis.  if you have any vacancies in this area, you can contact me on 082 450 6833 or email to [email protected].


Thank you

I am part f HI-VEST ( This consultncy is aimed at supporting SMME to build strong and sustainable businesses by providing benefits to the members. The benefits include:


I am currently looking for materials development and / or editing work on a freelance basis.  Can anyone help me connect with people who might be looking for my skills? 



Am a learner as Junior IT Technician @ a company called Powertech IST.

I obtained my Advanced Diploma in PC Engineering  March 2008 and am looking for any vacancy in IT especially as a Helpdesk support technician,IT Technician , IT Consultant and Network Administrator.

Please send me reply @ [email protected]





I have an exciting opportunity for experienced HR Consultants with conducting Skills Audit background. Please inbox me or send me an email on [email protected]




Hello everybody, I am 3rd year ( IT N-diploma) working for the Department of Roads and Transport as a Desktop & Helpdesk technician - Intern. I will be graduating in March 2011 and would like to be added to any recruiter's cv database, if theres any in this blog. What better way to secure one's future than creating more opportunities. I will be happy to forward my CVs and Academic transcripts.


Current duties include:

- First line support & On site support

Hi all

I am currently a networking (CCNA) student and i am looking for a company that i can grow practical skills with, a company with good corporate values and a vision to equip individuals with knowledge.

Fields i can be considerd for include: Network monitoring and troubleshooting, Network topology design and implementation, Desktop support and onsite customer support.

This serves as a purpose for gaining experience.

Are you in placement (recruitment) business?.Attached is a CV for your consideration as you source right candidates for your clients.For further details and discussion call: 0767563100.
Best Wishes!


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