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Hi all,

I am wanting to find out if there is any way a young gentleman of 23 yrs, who does not have a matric but is at the top of the IT field (Nationally & Internationally) can be RPl'd as he is now interested in getting a formal qualification. Not my area of expertise so would appreciate any info or feedback in order to steer this young gentleman in the right direction. 

Good Day, I find it increasingly frustrating to find suitable positions for RPL Practice. it seems that this position is not readily available and "out there" I've completed the unit standard 116587 Develop, support and promote RPL practices. Please advise as to the way forward.

I've also completed US 115753, 115759 AND 117871 and looking for freelance work. you can contact me on Cell: 0839596180 or e-mail: [email protected]

Good day

Des Squire really details the understanding of RPL very well and is much appreciated, however my question is as follows.

If one wants to pursue RPL of artisans can this be done by acquiring evidence from on the job training or does a practitioner need to have an assessment centre available as there is the practical component of the evidence gathering as well.

if somebody could kindly offer some advice in this regard it will be much appreciated.

Mark Pieterse

071 023 4046

021 552 9619

TEAM Consultants provides training; development & assessment accredited and/or aligned to the NQF; accredited with the ETDP SETA and programme approval with Merseta. But not only do we offer training but we also specialize in RPL assessment for the following unit standards.

RPL of the following Unit standards

Assessors: USID 115753 Level 5 credits 15

Design & development of assessments USID 115755 Level 6 credits 10

Moderators USID 115759 Level 6 Credits 10

Dear RPL practitioners


Please note SAQA is in the process of documenting RPL success cases. Most of the case studies have been documented but still we are struggling to get candidates or lifelong learners who have been through the RPL for Advanced Standing pathway. If you know anyone that has been through this RPL pathway please contact me.

Is there a current RPL process to see if I qualify for a degree with my current qualifications. I have 2 diplomas and various other qualifications. Who can I contact to find out

Many of us involved in skills development and training believe that the concept of a National Qualifications Framework allied with an effective Recognition of Prior Learning policy and process is the key to transformation of the lives of people previously excluded from education, training and career development.

In the Foreword to this latest policy document, which replaces the 2002 document, SAQA CEO Joe Samuels states:

A client needs to get her Certification for Prior Learning done.

Who would be a reputable provider in the Johannesburg area?

My client is in the Banking Sector.

Information will be appreciated!

Kind regards,

Nita Wandrag

Are you keeping up with developments in the area of Recognition of Prior Learning?

For all those who could not attend the SAQA Recognition of Prior Learning Conference held in February 2014, please note that SAQA has made available all the following:

  • presentations,
  • reports,
  • documents, and
  • abstracts on the following link:

SAQA RPL conference


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