Poverty Unemployment & Empowering Youth


Poverty Unemployment & Youth Unemployment

Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) has released the employment statistics for the first quarter of 2024. Those in employment increased by 22,000, but jobs losses increased to 330,000 - bringing the overall unemployment percentage to 32.9%.
The debt situation in many African countries has escalated again to a critical juncture. Twenty are in, or at risk of, debt distress. Professor Carlos Lopes identified three pivotal elements significantly contributing to this.

An estimated 23.6 million young Africans (aged 15-35) are unemployed – that’s one in 22 (4.5%).


Over the last week - from 12 April, 2024 - the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) has been launching the Labour Activation Programme (LAP). That announcement may sound familiar to Skills-universe members - was that not already launched some time ago? Yes, Minister Nxesi explained the programme refers back to 2019, when it was first announced. 

Tomorrow, Thursday, 04 February 2021, President Ramaphosa will launch the Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) Response Fund.

The fund has been led by the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA), and brings in private sector funding, this will support the implementation of the National Strategic Plan (NSP).

As with our regular "Family Meetings", we will be able to watch the livestreamed proceedings.

Members of the media are invited to cover the launch:

The UIF-TER National Disaster Application System - A Frank Evaluation

Dear Colleagues,
we have been asked to evaluate your frank impression of the UIF-TER System, for purposes of a general, across-platform input into the Labour Portfolio Committee in Parliament.
Kindly complete this Questionnaire about your experiences and be assured that only the aggregated report will be submitted for consideration.

Please see attached - apologies for quality I picked it up from Facebook.
2 days - 26th-27th July 2019 at the University of Johannesburg.

What would appear as the missing role/voice not represented in the complex "Fees Must Fall" protests? I am not any wiser to give a 'correct' answer myself if any exists but simply am curious.

I am curious about the the voice of the 'black' child who struggles who is represented by the astute knowing white student.Does this child speak for themself or someone speaks for them and if they spoke would the same issues they would raise align with those already on the table(if there is a table at all)?

Good Afternoon everyone

Can you please help me.I need to purchase learning material for an Occupational Qualification: Community health promoter;  Curriculum code:325301-001;level 4,previously known as Community health work level 4.

Will you please assist me with contacts of any material developer who may be able to assist me.

Kindly contact me on: [email protected]

Kind regards


Firstly I want to thank you all for the support and motivation you have given me over the period that I have been contributing on this forum.

Secondly, I need your input on project that is not so much about making money, but it is borne out of my conviction that there is significant work being done within the realm of skills development within the EC. That so much more can and must be done is undeniable.


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