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Call for papers Forced migrants in higher education: challenges and opportunities Invite to Day 3

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    sylvia hammond

    The following post was made by Mark Carrigan with the request to Please distribute in your networks.

    Now although this is a particular UK European issue, there are many comparable issues with Africa and South Africa, and so it may well be of interest to skills-universe members in SA.

    Co-incidentally, I will be in the UK on Day 3 – the 6 September – but at another conference – otherwise I would really like to have attended.

    Forced Migrants in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities for Visibility and Participation

    A one day conference on 6th September 2017 at The University of Warwick, UK

    With increasing attention being paid to refugee reception, especially within Europe in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, higher education institutions around the world have been turning their attention to the contribution that they might make to welcoming and supporting sanctuary seekers. The past two years have consequently seen a proliferation of ‘sanctuary scholarships’, and in turn researchers have started to turn their attention to the experiences of forced migrants in higher education as well as institutional responses to the refugee challenge. This one day conference at the University of Warwick, part of the annual Article 26 conference, will bring together researchers working in this burgeoning field to present and discuss new work on asylum seekers and refugees in higher education.

    To submit an abstract please send a 200 word (max) abstract plus a short bio to Rebecca Murray ( by March 1st 2017. 

    Topics of interest may include, but are not limited to:

    –       The experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in higher education institutions in different host country contexts

    –       Institutional responses to the refugee challenge –are they adequate to the task?

    –       Universities of Sanctuary

    –       Sanctuary scholarships, widening participation and broadening access

    –       Hospitality and cultures of welcome

    –       Xenophobia, racism and feeling unwelcome on campus

    –       Immigration status and the experience of deportability while studying at university

    The Article 26 conference will cover 3 days 4th-6th September 2017.

    Day one will be for sanctuary scholars to get together and discuss the challenges that they face at university, as well as take part in training workshops focussed on their needs;

    Day two will be for administrators supporting sanctuary scholars and will be focussed on the particular challenges that they face;

    Day three will be an academic conference where research expertise in this area will be shared.

    This call for papers it intended as an invitation for researchers to attend day 3 only.

    The fee for this one day conference will be £50.

    Information on the location of Warwick University can be found here: More information will follow on organisational arrangements and how to book your place at the conference.

    In the meantime, do contact Lucy Mayblin ( at the University of Warwick with any logistical questions.

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    Thanks Sylvia.

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