Post-school Education & Training


For discussions on all aspects of the post-school education & training system (PSET) as set out in the White Paper on PSET by Department of Higher Education & Training - including universities, TVET Colleges, community colleges.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has issued a call for public comment on the Ministerial Task Team Report on the implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR) for the Post-school Education and Training (PSET) system.

Please see attached the explanatory letter, and
the MTT Report.

Minister Blade Nzimande has acted quickly, after recently announcing the departure of Gwebs Qonde from the Director General (DG) role at Department for Higher Education and Training (DHET), the Minister has announced the appointment of Dr Nkosinathi Sishi as the new DG.

Dr Sishi is not new to the Post-School Education & Training (PSET) sector, nor the DHET, and arrives with 35 years experience in different spheres of government, and state-owned enterprises.

Please see attached for the appointment letter.

Hi members,
I'm creating a chronological table of significant skills development events to include in my thesis.

What would you regard as the most significant years/events in skills development?

Appreciate your ideas.
Thank you.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) Director-General (DG), Gwebinkundla (Gwebs) Qonde, has "been placed on precautionary suspension, pending a forensic investigation into the National Skills Fund (NSF).

“The suspension of the DG is in terms of the Public Service Act and the Senior Management Service handbook [for the public service], in the wake of a disclaimer audit opinion by the Auditor-General (AG) of South Africa,” Higher Education and Training Minister, Dr Blade Nzimande, said in a statement.

The DHET has released it's Dictionary of Terms and Concepts for Post-School Education & Training. The link for this document can be found in the attachment.

Skills-universe is technically "social media", but with a difference.

How? Skills-universe members are mainly in the same domain, speaking in acronyms, and understanding each other.

And why does it matter?
In the "old" days, the world of journalism was a controlled domain - not just the propaganda and censorship of the apartheid era, but internationally. Press releases were issued to specific audiences, in different ways.

Now everything is everywhere.

Quick post
For those who don't want to scroll through the whole budget document -
see attached Vote 17 for Higher Education and Training

Members may have read the previous discussion in this group - Nigel provided very substantial replies:

Why do I raise this now? Because an important document was published at the end of last year. It's entitled:
National Policy Development Framework 2020.

Members of skills-universe who have been with us a long time will know that I have a personal opinion that the educators (all highly qualified and professional) sometimes make decisions without realising the realities of the real world of work.

I fully understand and have read the original Presidential Commission Report, commissioned by President Mandela, on Restructuring the South African Labour Market (1996). I do also fully understand the concern of organised labour that there had been a lack of portability of the training that workers receive. p109.

Minister Nzimande delivered a comprehensive update today on both sides of his Ministerial responsibilities - as Minister of Higher Education Science and Innovation. These are some of the points in respect of the two departments. I have copied the full report - attached but also available on the Facebook page.

On science, he updated on how South Africa is engaged in using this COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to develop and strengthen South Africa's (SA)s production of vaccines - for SA and the African continent.


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