This is a group for anyone involved in Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices (ODETD) in any capacity. The association is built on the pillars of Integrity, Trust and Transparency. There are no fees involved and you are invited to join now. This is your association as a member of the Skills Universe. This is an opportunity to raise your voice related to Skills issues and to have the support of like minded people.

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HI Guys, in 2016 we have gathered and completed surveys regarding the functionality the at that stage the DATAMIS System of the ETDPSETA. Approximately 100 ETDPSETA Providers grouped together and we arranged a meeting with the ETPSETA ETQA Manager to present the findings of our survey and the impact that the non-functional LMS caused on SDPs, and answering learners as we could download SOR's after External Moderation/ (Verification) was approved. We were promised that the system will functional within 6 weeks. 6 weeks became 2 and Half years later. Many SDP went out of business as they could deliver SOR's and could not get paid by their clients. Learners failed to understand that an organisation such as a SETA could not sustain and maintain the system. This situation is now happening again with AIMS. Registration is impossible, logon to the platform is impossibe, data and records is full of errors, assessors, moderators and every SDP and the Organisations itself need to re-register. Even after completing the registration documentation logon is impossible. The ETDPSETA does not return emails, calls and any form of communications. The organisation appointed for the AIMS System themselves are a an ETDPSETA Provider and have direct access to all learners and SDPs. I've requested the ETDSETA to provide the tender and appointment process solution - I just cannot get any feedback or returns of emails and answering of calls.

Dear Skills Development Colleagues

Urban-Econ:NIKELA have been appointed to undertake a satisfaction study for the QCTO.

Please consider taking part in this satisfaction survey by following the link below:

Good day

I need some advice in formulating the asssesment that ensure that it uses level descriptors in different level especially up to NQF 8,

Firstly is possible to apply all discriptors to one assessment project?

There is article I got from SAQA by Linda but it does not provide examples.

Thank in advance

So many of our registered providers and others continually misuse the term accredited when referring to training. QCTO brought this to the attention of the delegates at the last QCTO workshop. There is not such thing as accredited training material, accredited assessor, accredited moderators or accredited facilitators.

Many of the difficulties experienced in the workplace are in fact opportunities for learning either for the employees, managers or supervisors concerned. Opportunities of this nature arise at various times and under a variety of situations. When you help a staff member deal with an angry customer, you have an opportunity to help her learn. When a team member comes to you frustrated by a recent change in a work system, you have an opportunity to help him understand whys the change was necessary.

Dear Members. Could members advise me on whether it is mandatory to comply with Notional hours when designing and implementing a credit bearing short course. I understand that "notional hours" is the average time for learning, but is this just a "nice to know" guide - to what extent should a learning programme have to comply to this, if at all? Thnx.

The web is cluttered with old redundant information on Skills Development. It is really TIME that organisations start cleaning the messy trail of outdated articles, illustrations on processes, and irrelevant source documents that span over decades.

Listening to ex. POTUS, Pres Obama’s speech, I found myself observing his mannerisms, tone of voice, involving the audience, keeping their attention and capitalising on applause to drive home, key points. Having read dozens of books on the subject of “Facilitation” the same common characteristics always seem to be emphasised. It reminded me of an old question, that I never really could pin and wrap up in a bow.

Pivotal grants are grants paid by the seta to companies who deliver credit bearing programmes - i.e. credits towards a full qualification. Is that for one unit standard based programme or module of learning such as assessor training which is worth 15 credits towards the ODETD qualification? Is it for a skills programme which is made up of two or more unit standards or modules? Personally I believe it applies to either of the above as no matter how we look at it the programmes being delivered are credit bearing and therefor fall under the definition of Pivotal Grants.


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