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Update on SAQA restructure & appointments

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    Lynel Farrell

    No problem Sylvia – the recording is very long – (hours long), so I noted in summary. Some items were discussed more than once.

    The retrenchments started 6 days ago and will end next week. It is definitely a shock to the education industry, increasing the unemployment rate – and we note, that experts with knowledge will be sitting at home, sending out their CVs.

    Many small providers have closed down, the number of Experts looking for employment have increased drastically – this pandemic have hit us all extremely hard.

    For some, reality will start sinking in, whereas with others it have already become their reality in mid 2020, with no back-up plan.

    Lessons are learned by us, through large organisations that were sustainable for decades, and have gone down hill within a number of months. How do we start building what have been lost?

    I do think that support will continue to SAQA, and hopefully all staff that received letters could be absorbed back (it would be ideal, as they are sitting with so much expertise and knowledge).

    Perhaps this will be a wake-up call to other organisations, to start communicating better with stakeholders, streamline their services, tighten up turnaround times and reduce the red tape, in order to let other businesses build on employment and not be the cause of more unemployed experts.

    sylvia hammond

    Lynel, I agree, instead of complaining this is an opportunity to re-think and re-work and improve upon the contribution that an organisation can offer.

    The presentation slides I attached are a good example of how SAQA has reworked the functions, and re-combined functions.

    Let’s hope that it proves successful.

Viewing 2 posts - 6 through 7 (of 7 total)
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