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Feedback to SAQA Request for assistance with NLRD application

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    SAQA sent me an email to subscribe to their newsletter, so I was on the site, and I noticed the label marked Feedback – so I thought I’d do that. This is what I posted.

    In response to the question: Please list the steps that you hav already taken and the results/response to these?

    “Applied December 2019. Received documents.
    Waited for holidays and submitted in January 2020. Please confirm my NLRD details.
    No response. No acknowledgement of receipt.
    To my knowledge I have never received a reference number. It certainly isn’t showing in the following email I received.
    4 March Single response – Question Have I changed my ID number?
    Daft question. Clearly a citizen cannot do that.
    Please can I send copy of previous email. No, I do not have a copy of an ID prior to 1994!
    I did respond that I thought after 1994 that there was a change to the last 3 digits. As a State organisation SAQA should have access to that information?
    Anyway, the qualifications registered from UCT would be in the new number anyway.
    Apparently, although I requested equivalence for my foreign qualification it would not be on the record, and the qualifications I am am wanting to confirm, come after that date.
    So the old ID number is moot. i.e. of no relevance.
    I asked Joe Samuels for names to contact.
    13 March email to Mark Strydom & Carina Oelofsen. Sent emails. No response.
    Did receive Out of Office Dirk back on 16 March. Mark/Dirk – I don’t know.
    Posted on skills-universe. Did receive response. Not from department but from Navin Vasudev who apologised on behalf of SAQA & undertakes to forward to correct person.
    Still no further information.
    The qualifications that should be there are from University of Cape Town. I find it hard to believe that UCT would not have done as required to lodge the records.”

    In response to the box “Message”, I entered:
    “I asked for details on my NLRD record in January 2020.
    It is July 2020.
    I am absolutely astounded at this shockingly poor service from SAQA.
    If you have lost the record/ don’t have the record/don’t know what you are doing – then just say so.
    This is not only poor service, and poor manners, but appalling incompetence in a state department.”

    Actually, Navin did follow up again – but I don’t seem to have that date.

    Anyway, I still do not have the information requested in January 2020 – what are the qualifications listed against my name on the NLRD?

    The most important point about this however, is not that I wanted to know – I wanted to know how the system worked so that I could publish it on skills-universe.

    As there were all the indications that employers would need to verify qualifications of their employees.

    So how long would the employer be expected to wait before employing someone – based on my application – more than 6 months. I don’t know an employer who would do that. Certainly, it surely would be extremely unfair to deprive a person of employment because of the incompetent administration of the SAQA NLRD system.

    Which reminds me – as a citizen I have a Constitutional right to Fair Administrative Action ….Eish.

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    Des Squire

    Been there, done that and got the tee shirt, but thats about all.


    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Sylvia, I did the same exercise and wanted to obtain my Record of Learning from SAQA. This was done as follows:

    1. Request to obtain Record of Learning dated 22 October 2019
    2. SAQA Verifications Team sent me an email with requirements and consent to complete on the same day (22 October 2019) – the email stipulated that once documents are received, Record of Learning will be sent within 14 working days.
    3. On the 23 October 2019, I emailed all my documents and my consent through.
    4. On the 24th November 2019, I followed up regarding the delay of my Record of Learning that I have not received as yet, seeing that it has exceeded the 14 working days.
    5. Within 24 hours of my follow up, I received my Record of Learning from SAQA Verifications Team, and the email also indicated that my records only go up to 2016, and if I achieved anything after 2016 that those results will be be reflecting.

    Going through some of the Enrolment Dates and Achievement Dates, the one unit standard showed that it took 8 years to achieve it (I laughed so loud – how this record can indicate this, was just absolutely shocking). I did not even question this – the record was there, but the achievement details was out with 7 years.

    Although my process was not that long, it is a concern that my records could only go up to 2016. Does this mean that the NLRD is 3 years behind in data?

    This is only on individual records. My concern is then the Accredited Provider uploads that does not reflect against the SAQA Qualifications (this is on both Legacy Qualifications and Occupational Qualifications). The data is not accurate at all, and a huge concern.

    Bernard Botha


    This is tongue in the cheek. I have always been intrigued by the Information Black Hole to the East of Church Square in Pretoria. If one tries to contact SAQA or the QCTO the information in the form of a telephone call or email goes into this black hole (an astronomical term where no light ever escapes from) and you either hear ‘the person you are trying to contact is not available’ or the email just never gets answered.

    I had a look at Google Maps and think I found the answer – that particular area is chock a block with embassies and secretive organisations – they all have equipment that absorb digital signals and prevent them from leaving the area.

    It had been bad before the lockdown but now it is even worse as all the staff are (supposedly?) working from home.

    Bernard Botha


    Thanks Des and Lynel and Bernard,
    Bernard, you have caused enormous concern to my Labrador – she is beside herself because I am laughing out loud, giggling and chuckling.

    I wonder whether it is related to that Bermuda Triangle that we always talked about in the 60s/70s? We don’t hear about it anymore – do you supposed it moved to Pretoria?

    I was thinking last night – somewhere someone is saying to themselves – of all the requests in all the world, why did this one concern her? You know that old bird is now really going to make a fuss.

    To be fair, I have been receiving incredibly good responses from senior DHET officials, who respond in the evenings and over weekends. So maybe we should point them in the direction of SAQA NLRD.

    Lynel, that is a good point about 2016 – a young person has just qualified and goes off to apply for a position & the company wants to check ????? & receive Bernards’s big hole of lost data. Will the company believe the young person?

    This really is totally unacceptable. It is as bad as the delay in issueing certificates.

    I think it should be brought up at the HE Parliamentary Committee.

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