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Assistance required with NLRD SAQA application

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    Towards the end of last year members will recall that the major media topics were: registered providers, and verifying qualifications.

    So I thought – let me do mine, I will apply to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for my records on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD), & then I will be able to explain on skills-universe how the procedure works.

    Best laid plans of mice and men (and women).

    Is anyone able to assist in moving this forward – or contributing advice?

    Sometime late November into December 2019, I submitted a request for my qualifications, and received a quick response for the necessary documents. I completed the documents & went to SAPS to certify the ID. I thought that given the time of year, I would wait for the new year because in the pending legislation, there would be time limits. So I waited.

    14 January – Submitted completed documents. (No response or confirmation of receipt.)

    4 March – Received an email asking me whether I had changed my ID number.
    Responded – clearly I cannot do that – but I do recall that in the new SA the last three digits were changed – I think something to do with racial classification but I may be wrong. I did ascertain that my qualification obtained from a foreign institution would not be included – even though I did obtain equivalence when I returned.
    [Very proud of my qualification from the Liverpool Polytechnic – now John Moores University.]
    (Still no response or acknowledgement.)

    13 March – Obtained the details of 2 people apparently at SAQA & sent email asking for their help. (Did not receive a response or acknowledgement from either of them.)

    So as I write – now into the 4th month after application – I still have no idea what the NLRD has on record in my name.

    I would appreciate it if there are any members who are able to assist me to move this forward.

    My approach is – if you don’t have anything, then just say so – & we can move forward on what to do about it. Be honest.

    (Reminds me of a quite recent experience where my glasses did not return from the lab on time. They kept saying next week next week. I said to the young women assisting me – ask them to just tell you the truth – either they have lost them, or they have broken them. Just be honest – tell us. As it happened – they had broken my frame.)

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Sylvia,
    I did this many years ago when I wanted to check if a training provider had uploaded any of my results for the ODETDP Diploma. (Not one upload despite having successfully completed 98% of the outcomes!)

    At that stage, as I recall, it only took about two weeks to get the results. Not sure of the volumes they now have to process in comparison, but everything seems to be in a state of upheaval this year. A little odd as I have generally found SAQA to be very helpful and communicative. It would be very disheartening if their service has deteriorated as I have always considered them something of an example in our environment.

    Perhaps as lockdown is lessened they will be able to address your request? While a lot of “remote” work is currently being done it does in some cases restrict access to certain data.

    Navin Vasudev

    I profusely apologise for the delay. Please send me an email on with your reference number and I will assist you. We are currently working remotely but I would like to get more details from you regarding your application. Many thanks.


    Hi Nigel,
    yes in the past – I have always respected the quality of work at SAQA. I certainly was not respecting this incredibly poor response – & it cannot be attributed to COVID-19 since it started in January.


    Thanks Navin, as per our separate correspondence.

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