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QCTO qualification implementation: Are time limits attached to finalisation?

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    Lynel, please can you clarify for me something I don’t know.

    I understand QCTO use QDPs to develop the qualifications.
    All the requirements for the learning aspects are included.

    Now use the example of a qualification that is going to be implemented via a Learnership. (Somewhere I recall seeing that all QCTO qualifications will automatically also be registered Learnerships – is that correct? (That’s a side question :))

    My question is – there are time limits usually attached. So e.g. 1 year for implementation.

    But are there time limits for the summative assessment, the EISA, moderation & verification, & certification? Should that all be included in the 1 year?

    What I am getting to is: the discretionary grant funding relies of the full completion of all those additional activities once the learner is complete, before paying out the discretionary funding to the employer.

    So if there were time limits, then any delay should incur penalties and interest payable to the employer – and to the learner.

    We have had the situation for years where the certifications are years after conclusion, which not only penalises the employers, but also the learners – especially when increased payments to the learner are outstanding, and the certificate brings an increase – e.g. an artisan trade.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Sylvia,

    Let’s start with your side question. For many years we have been asking when will occupational qualifications be registered as Learnerships. Nothing was said – and we were all in the dark. To my surprise, I saw that the QCTO added to their drop-down menu: Learnerships!

    This is divided into two sections namely:
    1. Registered Learnerships (25 of them, which includes their Learnership Registration Number, and if you click on the listed Qualification, it opens up the Learnership Registration Certificate for the specific Occupational Qualification which was issued by DHET.
    2. Recommended Learnerships – there is a list of 56 Occupational Qualifications that have been recommended and submitted to the DHET to be registered as Learnerships.

    In my view, majority of Occupational Qualifications that have been registered already are Trades – I think this was the first focus, as these skills are required and very important (I am not saying that other qualifications are less important).

    Knowing that the QCTO have different processes than the SETAs, I did request some information regarding the registered Learnerships, which are now published on the QCTO’s website – this was done on the 5th January 2021. I have not followed up – and will do so.

    With Occupational Qualifications, the SDP needs to register the learners within 21 days from date of registration to the QCTO, this is done by submitting File 1 and File 2. Thereafter, the SDP needs to submit quarterly submissions, as this indicates to the QCTO the progress of the learners towards their EISA, which is conducted by the AQP. Once the AQP have assessed the EISA, it is sent to the QCTO for verification and certification – the QCTO issues the Certificates – and the turnaround time is way faster than the SETAs.

    I had to wait 4 years for my one Certificate, if I did not ask, I would have still been waiting.

    The most important part of the occupational qualification, is the provider part – if they did not follow the curriculum correctly or the assessment specification document accordingly, it will show the low throughput rate. This can be seen in the quarterly submissions which is compulsory with deadline dates. It will definitely separate the quality providers from the mince machines.

    The above is in summary, as I will be writing the whole night, if I had to break down each component.

    Once I have received feedback on my query regarding the Learnership guideline and policy, I will most definitely post them. I might have overlooked them – but I seriously cannot find a policy, guideline or brochure on the website – but it won’t stop me from getting the information that we all want.


    Thank you Lynel – I can honestly say your answer moved my understanding forward immensely. Thank you & yes please follow up regarding the registration of the Learnerships.

    So you are saying that the QCTO is much quicker than the SETAs to certification.

    But from what you say there does not seem to be a timeline included with the implementation of the curriculum. My understanding is the provider completes implementation, to the EISA. They are then done.

    Now the AQP leads the action, conducts the EISA. Is satisfied, forwards to QCTO.
    Then the QCTO takes over. Conducts verification & issues the certificate.

    So there is nothing to say that we might not end up right where we are now – with inefficient administration taking donkey’s years for those last two processes.
    And no recourse. Other than legal action of course.

    (What will happen in the future? I will post that as a separate question. Maybe start off next week :))
    Thanks Lynel

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