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PROVIDERS are you still waiting for your Letter of Intent feedback??

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    Lynel Farrell

    URGENT – PROVIDERS: Did you submit a letter of intent OR an application for accreditation to the QCTO and have not received feedback as yet??

    If you are still WAITING and have NOT submitted your details on the QCTO Issues Register, please place your email in the comment box or PM me your email address, so that I can send this register to you with instructions – the deadline to submit is in 48 hours.

    We cannot complain that we are not getting feedback, if we don’t participate. It could be that there have been system glitches. This register will assist the QCTO to action all outstanding submissions. It’s up to you now.

    This will be my last attempt to assist in distributing this QCTO Issues Register.

    The QCTO is currently distributing the attached: QCTO Stakeholder Issues Register, which needs to be completed and forwarded to Makgarengi.S@qcto.org.za on or before the 5th March 2021.

    If you have applied for:

    1. Accreditation
    2. Letter of Intent
    3. Been through a Verification Process (Site / Virtual visit)
    4. Challenges with the QCTO LMS
    5. Any other issues that needs to be addressed

    Then please, could you complete this excel spreadsheet, and email this before the cut-off date. I have offered to distribute this Excel Spreadsheet for the QCTO, to ensure that we reach as many Skills Development Providers as possible.

    Do not send this spreadsheet to me. Let’s all get involved, complete it and email it to: Makgarengi.S@qcto.org.za

    Should you not be able to open the QCTO Stakeholder Issues Register February 2021, you are more than welcome to email me, so that I can forward this directly to you.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Dear Providers, please note the deadline to get your details to the QCTO on this register is tomorrow.

    Lynel Farrell


    The cut-off for the QCTO issues Register submission is by end of business day TODAY! I have attempted to reach out to you for over a week now – if you snooze you lose. If you have not received any feedback regarding your letter of intent or accreditation application to the QCTO – COMPLETE THE REGISTER! It will take you 2 minutes to complete, unless you have loads of issues to address. Do not complain about non-communication, if you have not submitted your issues on the register. For those who still need the register and email contact at the QCTO – place your email in the comment box or PM me, so that I can send it to you.

    This is extremely time and energy consuming – get your information to the QCTO A.S.A.P in order to get your feedback that you have been waiting for.
    I will only distribute this until 13:00 today – thereafter commenting will be closed.

    For those whom have submitted and have already received their feedback – Good on you! Let’s continue with operations and getting back all the time we have lost over the past year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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