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PoPi Compliance? What do I need to do?

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    Lynel Farrell

    Dear Members,

    The PoPi Act is close to being implemented, and you need to know what to do, why, when, how. I have put this one pager together with two important links:

    The first link in the document – is free PoPi training – it is extremely valuable – it will definitely help your small business to understand what is required from you.

    The second link in the document – is the link to the Information Regulator, to register as an Information Officer (I would recommend that you go through the training first, to make sure that you understand the responsibility of the Information Officer.

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    Hi Lynel,
    Thanks for this – very timely. Alan & I have been talking about requirements for skills-universe.

    I have been thinking – if someone is trading as a Sole Trader, as many small training consultants do now, as the CCs were stopped –

    – they would also have to register themselves as the Information Officer -even though it’s not a company as such.

    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Sylvia,
    You are most welcome. I am an independent consultant, and I was able to register with the Information Regulator. All the information we work with needs to be protected. The free training link – is fantastic, and gives a lot of information. There are training offered by various law firms, but it is costly. I found this free training video, when through it myself, and found it extremely helpful. The fines are extremely high, and no business will be able to afford such!


    Thank you Lynel, yes I do agree with you. I will check out the free training.

    Lynel Farrell

    There are 3 short videos, which is easy to understand, and could be shared with staff and even clients.

    The video below is 3 minutes long – POPIA Implementation Deadline.

    This below video is 5 minutes long – POPIA – 8 Principles that must be complied with.

    The last video below is 6 minutes long – Protection of Personal Information in easy terms.

    I hope the links works, and that you will be able to share this with your staff. The above 3 videos are extremely valuable!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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