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How does a Learner obtain a QCTO Certificate?

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    How does a Learner obtain a QCTO Certificate?

    Step one is for the learner to enroll with an accredited SDP. Thereafter the learner will have a knowledge contact session combined with internal assessments. This is then followed by practical session combined with internal assessments.

    The learner will have real work environment experience and/or session at a workplace, as arranged between the workplace, SDP and the learner. This entails completing and maintaining the list of workplace competencies achieved so as to track work experience activities performed.

    The SDP is responsible for submitting learner information to the QCTO within 21 days of starting the training in a manner and format required by the QCTO. The SDP is also responsible for submitting formal results obtained for each internal summative module, on a quarterly basis to the QCTO. These submissions enable the QCTO to monitor the SDP and to inform Quality Partners of learners that are ready for the External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA). So that both SDPs and learners can be informed of EISAs taking place at an accredited Assessment Centre. Learners who obtain a Statement of Results via Recognition of Prior Learning, may also register with an Accredited Assessment Centre.

    Once all the results for all modules have been submitted, the learner will receive a Statement of Results issued by the SDP. A learner must be declared competent in all modules for all 3 components of the qualification which are knowledge, practical and workplace.

    In order to gain entry into EISA. The learner must present a Statement of Results, together with his/her ID document at the accredited Assessment Centre on the date of the EISA.

    Once EISA has been completed, the learner achievements are submitted to the QCTO for approval. The QCTO will moderate and validate the marks. If the learner has been found to be competent in the External Integrated Summative Assessment, and met all other requirements for the award of the qualification, the certificate is issued by the QCTO and distributed to the Assessment Centre or Quality Partner.

    The learner’s Qualification achievement will be recorded on the National Learners Records Database, which is the electronic management information system of the National Qualifications Framework under the authority of the South African Qualifications Authority.

    Reference: QCTO Page, permission obtained to share this with you!

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