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DHET issues amended communiqe to registered providers on annual reports

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    sylvia hammond

    The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has issued an Amended Communique confirming that the department will no longer be issuing courtesy notices as reminders to private providers of the requirement for an annual report.

    It appears that some providers have used a non-receipt of the reminder as grounds for an appeal against being removed from registration.

    Please see attached document for full explanation and requirements for Annual Report submission by private providers registered with the DHET.

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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Sylvia,

    There are 284 DHET registered Private Colleges (there might be less, as the list on the DHET website was last updated on the 14th December 2020.

    There are two submissions a year – the first one starts in October – it is called the Annual Survey – which is completed with learner data for a specific period – the deadline is usually by the end of January. This gives the Private College sufficient time to submit learner data (4 months)

    The next submission is the Annual Report Submission which is due every year (April) – the documents are simple – it is all the documents that normally expire or needs to be updated annually (OHS, SARS, Financial Guarantee, AFS, and proof of Accreditation – still valid and current) – this is to ensure that the Private College keeps their records current and updated.

    Once a Private College obtains registration with the DHET, the rules are clear. The DHET used to spend so much time in reminding Private Colleges about their annual submissions – year in and year out via emails, notices and posted letters.

    The Private Colleges that are serious about their registration, will comply – the rest will have to deal with the consequences. They are well aware of how difficult it is to get onto the list – submit the two reports annual, and there are no issues.

    sylvia hammond

    Lynel thank you.
    I have not followed the registration of private colleges at all, so I appreciate all your explanation.

    If I am understanding this correctly, it seems that these are the institutions that always should have been the ones to register with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). That is – as distinct from all the little individual skills development providers, who became caught up in the registration requirement.

    So, if I am correct in that conclusion, that once again confirms to me that there is a vast difference between the requirements of educational institutions and skills development. Essentially, the difference between education – and training.

    I agree with you the DHET shouldn’t be chasing after educational institutions, but all other departments such as SARS for tax, DoEL for EEA, dti for B-BBEE – they all seem to be able to issue standard annual reminders.

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