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    Johann Hattingh

    Good Day,

    We applied to be registered as a Private FET College in 2018 and its now been three years since we have filed the application.

    Now with the communique issued last year, no clarity whatsoever has been given on what we must do now. The 2020 communique is contradictory on what must be done.

    Is there any one on here that can provide clarity on the matter and where to from here?

    Kind regards,
    Johann Hattingh

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    Lynel Farrell

    Hi Johann,

    Any Provider that are accredited under any of the 21 SETAs and/or QCTO cannot apply for registration to the DHET – this registration process was revoked on the 7th February 2020. The only institutions that can register with the DHET are those accredited with Umalusi and/or CHE.

    The first reason why this application for registration was revoked, as that the registration was under the CET Act, whereby the CET Act does not recognise Skills Development Providers. SDPs in fact fall under the Skills Development Act. With this said, there was legal opinions given based on facts and the wrong Acts used.

    You will see that the NQF Amendment Act 2019 clearly indicated what a Skills Development Provider is, however this Act have not been promulgated as yet – we are all waiting. As soon as this comes in, the Skills Development Act will also be amended accordingly, thereafter a new process of registration will be implemented.

    Now, thousands of providers are operating with their current and valid accreditation under SETA and/or QCTO. I hope this helps.

    There have been a number of posts that have been circulating about the same topic for a year now. I wish I could pull them in here, to share them with you.

    Lynel Farrell

    SDP List of Applicants now removed from DHET website

    Many Providers have attempted to comply with the “compulsory application for registration” to the DHET since the Joint Communique 1 of 2016: The Registration and Accreditation of Private Education and Training Providers Offering Qualifications and Part-Qualifications on the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework was published.

    Continues debates, meetings, submissions of concerns was dealt with during this period as well as the DHET confronting various legislative challenges regarding the registration of Skills Development Providers.

    On the 7th February 2020, Communique 1 of 2020 was issued: Communique regarding the Registration of Private Education and Training (Skills Development) Providers offering qualifications and part-qualifications on the Occupational Qualification Sub-Framework. Gazette No. 43007.

    The application for Registration of Skills Development Providers were revoked with immediate effect, giving the full reason thereof. Clearly there are three Acts that have had an impact, which are:

    Skills Development Act, 1998 (this is the principle Act that regulates SDPs)
    NQF Amendment Act, 2019 (Act no 12 of 2019) – not promulgated as yet.
    Continuing Education and Training Act, 2006 (Act no. 16 of 2006) in its current form, does not make provision for the registration of SDPs.

    What does this mean? Well, this is where it gets complicated. In order for the NQF Amendment Act to be effected, noting section 1 of this Act defines a “skills development provider” as “a provider that is registered with the Department in terms of the CET Act, and accredited by the QCTO to offer occupational qualifications – the CET Act needs to be amended in order for the NQF Amendment Act to be implemented. Note, the NQF Amendment Act no 12 of 2019 have NOT been promulgated as yet.

    The DHET started to distribute letters to all SDPs that have applied during the three year period, whereby they were listed on the DHET’s website as: List of Skills Development Providers that have lodged applications to be registered as Private Colleges. It seems that many providers have not received this letter whether it is via email or by post, and I have attached it to this post, for ease of reference and record.

    With the publication of the Government Gazette no 43007 dated 7th February 2020, and the letters which was distributed to SDPs, there are no reason to keep the List of SDP Applicants on the DHET’s website – which have now been removed completely.

    For now, Skills Development Providers whom are accredited with the QCTO and/or SETAs need to ensure that their accreditation and scope is valid and current, in order to comply accordingly.

    As and when the Acts are amended and promulgated, Skills Development Providers will be informed accordingly and expected to participate in the amendment process through public comment. Yes, it means that this process will start all over again, with new requirements that actually speaks to SDPs (well, we hope so)

    The application for registration to the DHET for SDPs that fall under the QCTO/SETAs have been revoked for over a year now – and it seems that there are still some confusion regarding this matter. The only time that you can register with the DHET at this stage is if you are Accredited with the CHE and/or Umalusi. Should you have any further questions regarding the revocation, please do communicate this directly with the DHET for further clarity.

    For the Skills Development Providers (very few), that have received registration from the DHET during this process, there is an expiry date whereby re-registration will not be possible until the Acts have been amended and promulgated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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