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Reputable Learning Material Developers or not?

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    I would like to request names of reputable Learning Material Developers that I can purchase Micro-Finance Industry related materials from that is accredited by BankSETA. 

    I have entered into an agreement 4 months ago with a reputable and well known developer in Pietermaritzburg/Dbn area for assistance with Accreditation and Development of a Full Qualification.  It was for off-the-shelf material.  I have made many phone calls over the past month, emails and sms’s without her so much as replying to any of them to try and explain what the hold up was, I have now sent a letter of demand for the balance of the final outstanding materials through my lawyer. 

    She is a well known person in the industry as well as this site.  She has many years of experience and can’t see why she would just not reply to any of my messages.  If there was a problem why not communicate and let me know what is going on.  It is only fair to think that this person is running away from their responsibilities. I also found out that her company has been de-registered in August 2012 and was wondering if I should let the SETA know that she is registered with to prevent anyone else falling for her stories.  I know of another person that has also been trying to get hold of her since april 2012. What is your profesional opinion regarding this matter?

    Please if anyone can reccommend another Developer they have worked with for a long period of time please give me some references?

    I would also appreciate some good advice as I am still in the process of starting up the company.

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    So sorry to hear of your experience. Unfortunately, as in any industry there are always people in the industry that either do not deliver, or deliver poor quality.

    Please feel free to contact either myself or my colleague so we may customize a proposal for you.

    Kind Regards


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