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    Greetings All


    Any idea as to what course of action I should follow wrt the following challenge I am having:


    I purchased a Unit Standard from a  developer in Port Elizabeth (she recently changed her name to something completely different) Paid in full and then waited and waited….. Despite numerous promises and commitments from her she has only sent me three of 25 docs via WIndows Live. I had all intentions of purchasing 12 Unit Standards in total from her but have obviously been burnt by this experience. I would like to caution other folk of my experience. Is it ethical to Name and Shame her?




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    Helene Strauss

    I’m also wondering what the legalities are regarding naming and shaming, Peter, as a good client of ours was burnt in a similar fashion by a developer in PE. Could it be the same person who is discrediting all the other ethical developers on this site?

    Tass Schwab

    Hi there,


    Most ethical developers ask a deposit fee then final once client is happy. Perhaps you have been taken for a ride? Have you tried every means to contact them? Perhaps they have taken too much on and cannot cope and are simply too inexperienced to contact you directly again??


    Advise from me is that you always do a background check on the supplier, who else has used them, what their qualifications are and sample material.Never pay fully upfront….


    Yes you should name and shame the developer


    Selwyn Schrieff


    Hi Peter


    I have had the same experience with a Jhb Developer and also don’t know if I should warn everyone or not – I do believe that we can’t be the only ones – I am sure if we did name them we would hear stories from others as well.


    Also felt too bad to name and shame and have been promised my money back but still waiting.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 23 total)
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