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    Leon Pienaar

    I’m not sure how to address this concern, but I ordered learning material from an “apparently” reputable learning material developer already in mid December for immediate delivery (it was in stock). After months and lots of excuses, I am still waiting. Just can’t get the physical address from the provider to go there personally and see what is going on. I don’t want to mention names here, but if anyone can contact me and assist, or had similar experiences. Not sure if this provider is honest and according to all the references, she used to work for a SETA. I bought from her before, and the material was delivered as promised. The approx. 10% of the material on my last order was E-Mailed to me – a complete copy and paste job from websites – some of these websites not even relevant to the subject. Anyone that can assist, please contact me.

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    Hi Leon,
    Please contact me directly on

    I have stopped all advertising of material on this site, and I have deleted some members.

    I would appreciate the details of this provider even if they are not currently a member. I will respect your confidence.

    Thank you.

    Ken Annandale

    Hi Leon, of course, you have the right to approach the Consumer Protection ombudsman. Details below.

    Once again, this is a matter of caveat emptor. Here is my CHECKLIST when selecting a provider:

    [ ] CIPC Registration Number
    [ ] Company and trading name
    [ ] Compliance BBBEE
    [ ] Compliance Tax Clearance and UIF
    [ ] Contact details
    Cell number
    Phone number
    Skype address
    email address
    [ ] Ownership – Director’s Names
    [ ] Premises – Online location and map

    [ ] Name, experience and qualification of developer
    [ ] Accreditation proof – SETA / QCTO
    [ ] Accreditation expiry date
    [ ] Unit Standards relevancy and registration
    [ ] Approval – DEL CI number for First Aid
    [ ] Competency – Staff and registration
    [ ] Membership proof – SAQA Professional body
    [ ] Reviews & testimonials client and learner
    [ ] Vendor registration – numbers

    [ ] Money Back – Quality of training and non-completion
    [ ] Non-completion of POE by a learner
    [ ] Inappropriate / inaccurate marketing claims

    Hope that helps
    Best Regard
    Ken Annandale

    Leon Pienaar

    Thanks Ken. As they say – learning from my mistakes. Will use your recommendations from now on going forward. Regards

    Leon Pienaar

    Morning Sylvia. Thanks. Send you an E-Mail last night. Regards

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