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Fundamentals Level 5 and above: Development Language

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    When developing qualifications at a level 5 and above, it used to be a requirement that the language fundamentals are to be presented in two languages.

    I say “used to be” as there was a document/guideline on SAQA’s site which stipulated this, but I can no longer find this document.

    Please can someone share some light on this for me…

    1. Do fundamentals need to be developed in two languages?

    2. What happens if there are only two fundamentals in a qualification and neither of them are language or numeracy UStds?


    Thank you

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    Whilst still trying to research this answer I came across the following detailed in an article on OQF:

    Fundamental learning in the South African context refers, by and large, to communication and

    mathematical literacy. This learning has formed betw een 30 and 47% of the credits required for
    occupational qualifications betw een NQF level 1 and 4. This requirement has significantly
    reduced the uptake or completion of NQF qualifications and has created great difficulties in the
    implementation of learning programmes. The focus of the OQF is on skills development, and the
    fundamental learning needs to be fit for purpose.

    The design of occupational qualifications at NQF levels 1 – 4 w ill, therefore, be based on the
    assumption that learners have a foundational competence in communication and mathematical
    literacy and can cope w ith occupationally-related learning. CEP members w ill determine w hat
    additional communication and mathematics learning w ill be required for the specific tasks within
    the occupation. Such additional fundamental learning w ill be incorporated into the common/ core
    learning requirements of the qualification. The fundamental category, therefore, w ill disappear
    from occupational qualifications but the appropriate communication and mathematical
    know ledge and skills will be embedded in the common/ core component of the qualification.

    So based on this can it be taken that the bilingualism requirement falls away?

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