Concerned Learning Material Developers

Do we need a quality manager or an investigative detective?

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    sylvia hammond

    The purpose of skills-universe has always been to create a supportive community – to allow members involved in ETD to share information, help each other, work with each other – in the interests of effective implementation of skills development – supporting training and development.

    There is a wide range of members: facilitators, assessors, moderators, SDFs, HR people, a few academics, and a few consultants and administrators. And then then are a few students, who have shown the initiative to support their studies and I have accepted them.

    In addition, a number of people have told me that they regularly read – but don’t join the skills-universe.

    What everyone has in common is pursuing their work or studies – whether directly by making contact and taking up offers – or to gain information or contacts to support earning an income, or their career, or their studies, in related ways.

    So after all that why have I re-purposed this Discussion Group? For good environmental reasons? No.

    Because there clearly is an issue with learning/training material.

    Training providers want to purchase material that will support their accreditation as skills development or training providers.

    The QCTO does not accredit the material.

    The material developers are earning an income to support themselves, by using their knowledge of the qualification requirements for material to support learning, and achieve competent learners.

    Good material take time to develop. So when QCTO qualification material is offered at a very cheap price – how is that possible?

    We need some discussion: –
    What are reasonable prices?
    How does a provider get a sample of the material?
    Does the provider pay a deposit for the sample?
    When does the provider pay the developer in full?
    Is it only after training where learners are assessed as competent?
    How can a provider tell whether the material is stolen – or copied?
    What are intellectual property rights?
    Should the QCTO or the SAQA be responsible for quality assurance of the material?
    If the ETQA QAP AQP departments are being re-integrated into the QCTO – should one/some of them be re-purposed to quality assure learning material.

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