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adding unit standards to a learner profile

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    Joleen du Plessis

    Whichever US I enter, it says “not found on the system”. What am I doing wrong?

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    Kate Sani

    Dear Joleen,

    Check whether the unit standard is on your Provider Scope. Go into “Provider” menu and then sub-menu “scope” / “accreditation” depending upon which SETA you are with, the Indicium is slightly different.

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    Andrew Friedemann

    Depending on your SETA, a LOT of Provider approved programs have not been loaded. For example our programs last date of approval was 2015 on the system, yet we were re accredited a couple months ago, but the system has not been updated with the latest details so stopping us loading.

    I was told by the ETQA that not all data was migrated. So now we wait… I have more than 50 learners to add to programs for but cannot.

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