Skills-universe members responsible for implementation of the Employment Equity Act - Employment Equity Responsible Managers, Employment Equity Consultative Committee members, Department of Employment & Labour and external consultants.

A well-attended roadshow meeting today (19th September 2019) in Cape Town, was very enjoyable and informative.

So for those who have not been able to attend, I will separate out my reports - into a number of posts - the two main areas are:
the new EEA4 form, and violence and harassment at the work and the workplace.

The reporting software is now up, and available for access. The reminder letter should be received by the CEO, but if not received, contact the department, to set up this year's report.

Please check the latest updated schedule of Employment Equity Roadshows see attached
The Western Cape - XDate has changed
Cape Town
Now 19th September 2019.
See also - Venue for Cape Town,
and Dates & Venues for Gauteng

EE roadshows dates and venues so far:
Further venues to be confirmed.

All roadshows: 08h30 -14h00

Rustenburg (21 August 2019) – Orion Hotel, 1 Donkerhoek Road

Witbank (22 August 2019) – Fortis Hotel, 167 Jellico Street

Polokwane (27 August 2019) – Bolivia Lodge Plot 162 Tweefontein

Bloemfontein (28 August 2019)

Pietermaritzburg (03 September 2019)

Durban (04 September 2019)

East London (10 September 2019)

Port Elizabeth (11 September 2019)

George (17 September 2019)

Cape Town (18 September 2019)

It is the time of year when Employment Equity reports are prepared.
Please see attached the revised Regulations issued by the Department of Labour.
Revisions to the EEA4 which reports on remuneration have been amended to include additional calculations and detailed planning to achieve equity.
Please see attached for details.

To all those who work with Employment Equity implementation, it is that time of year again.

Please see the attachments - proposed amendments to the Act and to the Regulations - fortunately not in place in time for this year's submission.

Look for the introduction of equal pay for work of equal value, the proposed forms for a compliance certificate, and
also look for the ability of the Department of Labour to issue sector remuneration guidelines.

Good day Employment Equity Trainers,
I am tasked to do the Employment Equity Analysis and the Employment Equity Plan. Please kindly advise/guide me through the process.


Hi to all,
In a few months it will be time for Employment Equity reporting, so this is a good time to read the latest report from the Commission for Employment Equity.
Time to read up on what isn't being done and make sure that the company that you are reporting on meets all the requirements of the legislation, and expectations of the Department of Labour.

There is a definite link between EE and BBBEE and one cannot comply with legislation without taking both into consideration. What exactly is the link and how do companies go about addressing both issues?
Any words of wisdom out there or any words of advice you want to offer to assist readers? What can be done to make the training spend more applicable to both EE and BBBEE scorecard requirements? What guidance would you offer to those seeking clarification and understanding?

A great deal is happening at present to bring employers on line and to ensure they comply with the requirements of section 19 and 20 of the EE Act as outlined in the EE Act.
Many companies I have come into contact with are familiar with the various EEA forms and have completed these but what sort of thought has gone into them and are they all discussed with the members of the EE forum before any plans are developed or changes made to existing plans? This constitutes an integral part of the consultation process.

I was unable to attend the recent road shows and was wondering if any of our members might be able to provide up to date feedback???
Are there any proposed changes?
Is there anything we need to watch out for?
What improvements can we make etc.???


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