Skills-universe members responsible for implementation of the Employment Equity Act - Employment Equity Responsible Managers, Employment Equity Consultative Committee members, Department of Employment & Labour and external consultants.

Please see the attached document from the Commission for Employment Equity

Designated employers are still expected to report by 15 January 2021.
Guidance is given for designated employers unable to comply.

Did your submit an Employment Equity Report for 2019 by the 15th January 2020?

The Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) publishes an annual register of all the companies who submitted successfully.

The Register is gazetted in G43495 GoN 736 dated 3 July 2020.

This year 5969 large employers & 21158 small employers are included in the Register. Each company is reported by name with a 0 alongside the name - meaning that there are no queries with the report.

The Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) has issued a guidance on Persons with Disabilities in the workplace.

Please see attached.

Today is the date for submission of employment equity reports.

Do you have your reports - EEA2 & EEA4 submitted - and have you received confirmation from the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL)?

Over the last few weeks, I have had a number of calls from people asking me for my interpretation of the EEA4 report. I have done my best to understand what the department is trying to achieve, and so - what is meant by the questions. But it is not for me to interpret the intention of the DEL.

Dear Members,

Please find attached the Gazetted Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998 as amended) - Repeal of Employment Equity Regulations.

Page 8 of 70 (or page 10 if printed) reads: "A designated employer must submit a report to the Director-General in terms of section 21 of the Act annually on the first working day of October or by the 15th January of the following year only in the case of electronic reporting using the EEA2 form."

Please don't forget to submit your reports!

There are certain essential elements of the EE Act that must be adhered to and that will be checked should your company be subject to an inspection by the department of Labour. Now is the time to ensure you have everything in order to ensure compliance and avoid the possibility of a compliance order and/or a heavy fine.

A question for all the consultants and internal human resource people very busy inputting their EE Reports - and especially the amended EEA4.

When you calculate the differentials - average of top 10% against average of the bottom 10% - what is the difference?

How many times more is the top from the bottom?

Interested to get some input on where we are on this.

Post all your questions and queries here and lets see if we can help each other. There are many grey areas that might need to be clarified so lets have some questions.

My first question is - what are the latest regulations regarding the make up and structure of the committee representation??? If possible refer to related documents or regulations etc

To all members preparing employment equity reports

Please see revised EEA4 document from Department of Employment and Labour.

See yellow highlights for clarification.

When advising companies on employment equity compliance I'm often asked who should serve on the Employment Equity Committee. Since it is one of the aspects assessed during EE inspections and Director-General reviews I wrote a Linkedin article on the topic to try and address some of the frequently asked questions.…


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