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DoeL Releases Summary of EE Report Prior to Full Report

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    It’s the time of year when implementers of the Employment Equity Act prepare to submit the annual reports.
    The Department of Employment and Labour (DoeL) has released a summary of the key features of the overall results – please see attached.

    The full report will be released on the 31 August 2020 via a webinar – please diarise the date.

    Key features of this summary – yes some steps forward – but really minute – one can’t help thinking that it’s all going to wiped out by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Maryna Ritter

    Thanx Sylvia, for sharing…

    When I’ve sent this message, I couldn’t find more info on the webinar. I hope they would share it and give us sufficient time to register, and I hope enough ‘space’ for all to join….


    Maryna, I have exactly the same concern. When you think how it usually is – very large gatherings at each national urban centre.

    Now they all have to be accommodated in one webinar – and in addition to stakeholders, consultants, lawyers who are the implementers, there will also be the media, and then all the company representatives.

    I don’t know about the technology of that – but it seems to me that more than one event will be required.

    Unless the 31 August is just to launch the report. Then hopefully there will be further presentations – on the report, when opens etc. and all the details required to complete – what if anything has changed.

    And then there is everybody else and his friend also doing webinars – I have 1 for Monday, 3 for Thursday, and 2 for Friday this coming week – possibly 1 for Wednesday need to confirm.

    I also checked the DoeL site and there are only the registers for companies who submitted last year. Very good idea to split by sector – appreciated that. (DoeL seems to be the new acronym)So really we need some forward planning here – please Department of Employment and Labour.

    Des Squire

    Thank you again Sylvia, I share the sentiments expressed by both your and Maryna. I have not been able to find any info about the webinar either.

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